Day #7

Well it is now day seven of the i-LIMB Adventure and it has been just that – an adventure.  I have switched up the way I do this blog from here on out.  Instead of being a day behind I am trying to stay current with each day so that the things I do and the challenges I face using the i-LIMB stay fresh in my mind so that I can blog about them.  I will still be blogging things from the previous days as I go on, but this will make it easier for every one to stay current.

Yesterday at church was quite fun.  Not only did we have great church but the interviews given were hilarious.  Again I want to say a great big thank you to Josh for going around and filming all of those.  I had no idea the amount of people he talked to.  Here is a video of the i-LIMB in …. well just check it out.

Some more interviews from yesterday.


Things I am learning today:

It is way cool to be able to hold my wallet and take out cash (if I have any) and my debit card.  

Cashiers are freaked out about this.

I was able to put a deposit envelope in the deposit slot on the ATM.  I can practice more with this if everyone will send me money!  LOL

People feel more comfortable asking about this than they do about my arm.  I am hearing “Hey that is cool – what is it?” alot.  

My wife is figuring out I can do more things – I vacuumed with it today.  This is really a bad side of all of this.  LOL


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