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One more day left of the daily ADVENTURES!!! It seems unbelievable that I have had the i-LIMB in my life for 100 days.  I wore it a little bit on Day 99 and only took a few videos.  Nothing spectacular but here it is.  Check back for DAY 100 – A SPECIAL EPISODE!!


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Day 97 & 98

We are leading up to the final few days of this Adventure and it has been crazy busy.  We had family come in, we had a memorial day BBQ out here at our home and we have been in preparation to go to Maui.  We leave on the 28th and I cannot wait.  My brother and his family have been in for a few days and we have had a good time.  Here are some videos of the time together during Day 97 and 98.


As you can tell it is always a little crazy when we all get together as family.  Here are some more videos of us enjoying Memorial Day weekend.



Now I know there will be some on the web that will post comments on their blog about this next video of me opening up a bag of popcorn.  There seems to be an individual out there (I wont mention who he is) that really seems to have a difficult time with the i-LIMB and its use in my life.  He has taken several different pot-shots at me from his web site and each one has been kind of funny if you ask me.  He has a hook and thinks that the technology of the i-LIMB is a waste of money and pretty much useless.  I have been silent up till now because it has been amusing reading for me.  But I thought that since I am almost at my 100 day mark, I would comment on his banter that he has made on his site throughout my journey.  If you see this sir, I have never met you in person and I probably never will, but have a great life with your hook 🙂  If you ever get out this way let me know maybe we can arm wrestle…. LOL!!!!


As you can tell I am still working on getting this down but with time and practice I will get there.

The Adventure continues……..

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DAY #96

Just a few more days till we reach the 100 days with the i-LIMB mark.  On day 100 we will be doing a very special post – you do not want to miss it.  I started out DAY 96 running some errands with the i-LIMB.  Driving with the i-LIMB has been something that I have thoroughly enjoyed, it is just cool!

Last night my wife took some time for herself and went  scrapbooking with some friends.  It was one of these all-nighter type of deals – Four till Midnight!  I still do not understand how that can be fun but…..  LOL!  Anyways while I was home with my kiddos I thought I would do some filming.  Now once you watch this please do not judge me!!  LOL.  I know it is somewhat mean but it is so funny.  I will let the video speak for itself.  

She has forgiven her father but she was a little frightened.  Averie – I love you and daddy is sorry but I have to post it.  I know I am going to get some comments on this so please be kind.  This really had nothing to do with the i-LIMB but I just had to put it up.

I had to put this up – this is what our house looked like this morning when I woke up.  The youth of our church decided to go out last night and have some fun.  My son Carson was a part of it so he gets to clean it all up this morning LOL.  Great job Solid Youth – you guys are getting better at it – didn’t even hear you this time!!  Just remember – I DON’T GET MAD I GET EVEN!!  LOL


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An Adventures of the i-LIMB special!!

In the month of March, just a few weeks after I received the i-LIMB, Danielle Jones-Wesley drove down to our house and filmed an interview with me about my experience with the i-LIMB.  Danielle is a college student from Rancho Cucamonga studying journalism and broadcasting.  She submitted this as a class project and it was played on the college television news station.  This was a cool experience and today she sent this to me and I thought that I would post it on my blog for all to see.  Thanks Danielle!  Great Job!!

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DAYS 94 & 95

Only five days away from what once seemed to be the elusive “100” days with the i-LIMB.  These adventures have been some of the best days of my life.  The challenge of learning to take on something new – like a hand – has been tough yet extremely rewarding.  Although the i-LIMB has come in useful in so many areas of my life, one of the greatest joys I have is being able to play golf, and I have discovered that I the i-LIMB is not useful in this arena.  

Now I did a video sometime back in these adventures of me hitting a golf ball with and without the i-LIMB.  I definitely found that it is not built for golf and that I do much better without having it on while playing.  I dont get to go out and play golf as much as I would like to but when I do – I do my best to kick everyones tail that I am playing against.  LOL!!  If a two armed guy beats me – they are not going to say anything to anybody because – THEY BEAT A ONE ARMED GUY!!  If I beat them – I TELL EVERYONE!!! 

So this post shows me hitting a shot in a golf game that I was recently able to play.  By the way – I SHOT AN 85!!  Not bragging just being factual – LOL  – It was one of those rare days that I was on my game.  Watch out Tiger – the BIONIC man is on his way to the PGA Tour!!  HA HA  Enjoy!!  More to come in these last 5 days!

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DAY #93

I am always looking for news about individuals that have been blessed in getting the i-LIMB.  I came across this story and thought it was pretty cool.  I think I am going to see if I can put together an i-LIMB convention!!  We can all meet and practice THUMBS UP!!

Here is the link to the story that I found pretty interesting and touching.

Grandma gets i-LIMB!!  Oh by the way – this is not my grandma!!  LOL


Alright – I trust that everyone is having a good day and you will see more of me later today and this week as we count down to 100 days with the i-LIMB!!

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DAYS 90, 91, 92

This weekend was a blur!  Crazy busy but great things are happening.  As most of you know a little over a week ago I was contacted by Touch Bionics Marketing Dept.  They asked if they could use some of my videos from The Adventures of the i-LIMB.  Of course I said yes and sent them a DVD I created of those adventures.  They have an upcoming conference and they wanted to show some of the things I have done with this addition to my life.  

I received something in the mail today that I thought I would describe in this next video:

Thanks so much Touch Bionics!  You guys are great and once again – thanks for making something so life transforming.  Talk to you all soon.


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