Finally!!!  After much chiding from the masses  LOL  I am finally posting a 100 DAYS AND BEYOND EPISODE of the adventure that I have been on with the i-LIMB.  This is just a short video to catch everyone up on these adventures and to let you know what I will be doing in the future.  Here is a video for your viewing pleasure.  This entire journey has been nothing short of amazing for me.

I am posting some of the more popular videos that have been put up on the site to catch you up if you are new to these adventures:



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2 responses to “100 DAYS AND BEYOND

  1. Woooo Hoooo 100 days. We will miss the posting you do but we will check back often.

    I thank God for bringing you and the I-limb into our lives. Darin you don’t know what kind of spark you have put into Haylee and that self esteem she had before is through the roof. Thank you for the amazing things you do.

    Keep Rocking Darin, One big thumb and one Little thumb up to you.

  2. Ivak B. Cooper

    Hey Cuz, how are you doing?? What is the best video or picture I can share with my classes? I have shared your site a couple times with students, but have never seen any videos.
    Let me know what is going on.
    I better get my grades done so I can sleep tonight.

    Love ya,

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