DAY #8

I am getting this thing down a little better.  The muscles are not as sore and do not tire out as quickly.  It is still awkward at times.  It is funny how often I go to do something when I have the i-limb on and attempt to do it like I always have.  Many times I have had to remind myself – dude you have a left hand now USE IT!!  

Besides enjoying the use of it I am loving peoples reactions!  I know this is somewhat mean but it is funny.  I took a video of me showing it to our youth pastor and his wife’s daughter.  I didn’t mean to really scare her I was just wanting to see her reaction.  Here you go – 

Many of you have asked how it works with some of the little things of life.  This is where I am noticing the difference more than any other area.  I have mentioned in previous posts how it is impacting me in the day to day menial tasks.  Here is an example of how it is helping.

I am still trying to adjust to this appendage and some things are going to take time in getting it down.  Here is an attempt at putting my socks on.

Hey it is coming in “handy” with vacuuming.  I am in trouble!!

Vacuum with the i-LIMB


Things I have learned in Day #8

I took a knife in the i-LIMB today and was able to use it while eating.  For the first time in my life I was able to push things with the knife onto my fork – FOOD BEWARE!!  I can finally get all of you.  This will come in handy with corn and trying to get it all on the fork.  I am so stoked!!

I have to be careful because I knock things over a lot because I am not used to having something on the end of my left arm.  Today at lunch I knocked over the tea glass but thankfully the waitress was a secret ninja and caught it before it spilled to much.  More about that later.

I am wearing it up to 5-6 hours a day now.  Probably a little bit much because it gets heavy after a while and my muscles get really tired.  When that happens it is hard to open and close.

I was carrying my briefcase in my right hand today and was able to open and close the front door to our house.  No more having to set something down in order to get into a room that has a door.  This is so awesome!!

Nasa has called several times wanting me to see if I can cooperate in the next launch of the shuttle – LOL  just kidding!  i-LIMB on the moon!  

Over all it is getting somewhat easier to operate.  I am enjoying the journey.



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2 responses to “DAY #8

  1. The trademark Anevay backward shuffle. She’s a nut. Awesome vids pastor!

  2. Bro. Sargent….

    Now that i am officially caught up on the current events…i just have to say that it is incredible… I am so happy for you and for you family, i am sure that it has been very exciting for all of them , and the video of the Ashtyn and Averie with you is priceless… i miss all of you so much, and hope to see you soon, can’t wait to see the ilimb with my own eyes… may God continue to richly bless you on this amazing journey! lots of love to all of you!!!

    when did Carson grow up??? Are you kidding me?? He has turned into a very handsome young man.. (not that he wasn’t ever handsome, you understand)… you better keep a short leash on him, all the girls will soon be chasing after him… 🙂

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