DAYS 94 & 95

Only five days away from what once seemed to be the elusive “100” days with the i-LIMB.  These adventures have been some of the best days of my life.  The challenge of learning to take on something new – like a hand – has been tough yet extremely rewarding.  Although the i-LIMB has come in useful in so many areas of my life, one of the greatest joys I have is being able to play golf, and I have discovered that I the i-LIMB is not useful in this arena.  

Now I did a video sometime back in these adventures of me hitting a golf ball with and without the i-LIMB.  I definitely found that it is not built for golf and that I do much better without having it on while playing.  I dont get to go out and play golf as much as I would like to but when I do – I do my best to kick everyones tail that I am playing against.  LOL!!  If a two armed guy beats me – they are not going to say anything to anybody because – THEY BEAT A ONE ARMED GUY!!  If I beat them – I TELL EVERYONE!!! 

So this post shows me hitting a shot in a golf game that I was recently able to play.  By the way – I SHOT AN 85!!  Not bragging just being factual – LOL  – It was one of those rare days that I was on my game.  Watch out Tiger – the BIONIC man is on his way to the PGA Tour!!  HA HA  Enjoy!!  More to come in these last 5 days!

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