An Adventures of the i-LIMB special!!

In the month of March, just a few weeks after I received the i-LIMB, Danielle Jones-Wesley drove down to our house and filmed an interview with me about my experience with the i-LIMB.  Danielle is a college student from Rancho Cucamonga studying journalism and broadcasting.  She submitted this as a class project and it was played on the college television news station.  This was a cool experience and today she sent this to me and I thought that I would post it on my blog for all to see.  Thanks Danielle!  Great Job!!


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One response to “An Adventures of the i-LIMB special!!

  1. Judy Hogan

    Way to go Darin. Great interview. BTW who was that good looking young man riding the bike with you? LOL. So happy for you. Love ya, your favorite mother in law. (of course, I’m your only one)

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