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DAY #68

Over the last 2 weeks I have been getting quite a few hits on this blog of people that are just now coming into contact with these Adventures that I have been on.  I thought that I would put some of the older posts on this days post to get those that are just joining a chance to catch up on what has been happening in my life with the i-LIMB.  Check these out and if you are just joining us make sure to leave us some feedback.

This is by far the most popular video of these adventures.  For the first time in my life I was able to hold both of my girls hands as we walked.  It was awesome!

Here are some videos I shot in the first week of the wearing the i-LIMB.

Here is the post that describes the journey on how this came into my life.

This has been an amazing and very funny journey.  There have been some hilarious moments.  Here are a few….


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DAY #64-#67

What a great two days spent at the Catalyst West Coast conference.  Catalyst is basically a leadership conference suped up on steroids!  I have attended this conference in Atlanta for several years but this was their first venture out west.  It was really good.  I always come away from Catalyst inspired about leadership and ministry and being everything that God wants me to be.  I was able to take some of our team with us this year.  These guys are great and I am thankful to be working in the harvest with them.  

The Team @ Catalyst

If you are new to The Adventures of the i-LIMB and want to know more about it make sure to check out some of the TOP POSTS, especially those from the first few days of my adventure.  Give me a shout out if you can on what you think about the journey – love to hear from you.

On Thursday I wore the i-LIMB and had the privilege of meeting Nick Vujicic – this guy is pretty awesome.  I talked to him for a minute and was able to show him the i-LIMB.  He tripped out over it.  He was in a hurry so I didn’t get a picture with him which was a bummer – but check out his story – pretty amazing.  

The conference was held at Mariners Church in Irvine, CA.  Absolutely one of the most incredible church campuses that I have been on.  Check some of these out:

The first day of Catalyst had us rolling as Tim Hawkins came out to do a little comedy – the guy is hilarious.  I got some shots from where I was sitting and thought I would share them with you.

I am going to stop for now, I am laughing too hard.  Enjoy and keep checking back for more adventures of the i-LIMB.



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DAY #60-#63

I am officially apologizing!  LOL  I have received many emails and some phone calls about why I have not been posting each day as I did previously.  Well…. To be honest, I have been extremely busy and the other is that I now realizing what I can use the i-LIMB for and what I can’t.  There are some things that I am more natural in doing without the i-LIMB than I am with it.  I was born without my arm so I have learned to live my life pretty much “single-handed.”  

But in the middle of this journey I have found many uses for my new arm.  It has helped tremendously in many areas of my life and I am thankful for that.  I knew going into this that I would not be wearing it all the time, I am so used to doing life the way I have always done it, but the times I do wear the i-LIMB I am appreciating it being so “handy”!!  I know, I am corny.

I wanted to bring everyone up to speed a little today and let you know I am still out here and still using the i-LIMB.  I plan on posting some video later today and get back into the flow of daily posts.  Stay tuned and thanks for all the support and emails that I have received.  

Till Later

The Bionic Man – man I am funny!  LOL

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DAY #56 – #59

OK OK!  I know, I am slacking putting updates on the blog.  But it has been busy for this “one-armed bionic man.”  LOL  Truly this has been such a crazy couple of weeks.  The last time we checked into The Adventures of the i-LIMB (doesn’t that sound like the intro to a play or something) I had just come back from being in Idaho where some amazing things happened.  You can see some of those on my last couple of blogs.

Easter @ The Point was AWESOME!!  We had great crowds in both our 9 am and 11 am services.  Thankful for that!  After the service we let some of the kiddos do an Easter egg hunt out here at the house.  I wanted to put this video up because of the last segment of it.  You have to make your way through the kids having fun to get to it – but once you do – you are going to laugh.  Our neighbor had some of their family over for Easter and they wanted to see THE BIONIC MAN!!  Here it is – ENJOY and listen to the question that is asked me when I show my neighbors family my new appendage.

Funny stuff!

Everywhere I go I am amazed at the people that are tuning into The Adventures.  While I was in Idaho several of the youth and some of the children that were at the convention were wanting to see my arm because they had been following the blog.  Here is a great family – The Blankenships that have some cool boys.  They were a hoot!  The youngest boy was not happy one day at the convention because I did not have the i-LIMB on.  I wanted to show you some pictures with some of the kids in Idaho.  The little girl is the Lastingers daughter.  They pastor a great church there in the Twin Falls area.  I am so thrilled at what is going on in Idaho!  She wanted to be a part of the picture so here she is along with the Blankenship boys (sounds like a gang or something)  LOL


Here is Pastor Blankenship and his youngest son.  This kid is a blast!  Pastor Blankenship and his wife and family pastor the church in Nampa, Id.  Great people.  


Over the last few days I haven’t done much with the video segment of these Adventures but I promise to get back at it and keep them going.  The stories that are being emailed to me of the impact this journey is making in the lives of others has been pretty cool.  I never thought that something like this would spread so far and so fast.  Keep checking in and send me some of your questions that you may have concerning this new journey in my life.  Take care and THUMB”S” UP!

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DAY #53, #54, #55

I am playing catch up a little this morning on The Adventures of the i-LIMB blog.  I arrived back from Idaho late Saturday evening and yesterday was a crazy day being Easter and all.  

The last few days in Idaho were amazing, not only at the conference I was speaking, but also the friends, teachers and family that I was able to spend some time with.  It is always good to reconnect with old friends and those that made an impact in your life.

Now I must first of all say that going through security with the i-LIMB on is VERY frustrating.  When I left San Diego last Monday I wore the i-LIMB to see what would happen as I made my way through the security at the airport.  I did not want to pack the i-LIMB in a suitcase, we all know how they handle suitcases, and I was not comfortable putting a very expensive appendage in the hands of Bob the baggage thrower!

So going through the line the first time was some what funny but also a little tense.  I told the agent working the metal detector that I had this prosthetic.  The detector went off and I started thinking – they are going to confiscate my i-LIMB.  How will I live without something to blog about!  LOL  Just kidding.

As they sent me over to the guy with the high powered wand that checks you for whatever, I quickly became a spectacle.  He tested it for explosive residue and then called someone else over to check it out, then someone else came over then someone else….  Pretty soon I had a gallery asking questions – How does it work – You look like terminator – Are you the i-ROBOT, Can you defeat Chuck Norris????  All the questions that I have grown accustomed to over the last few weeks.  Eventually they let me through and everything was fine.  But it definitely slowed things down a little.

Now the rest of the story, the trip home is better than the one going to Idaho.  Again, I did not want to pack the ilimb in fear of losing it or it being damaged by Bob the baggage thrower, so I wore it and again – the same thing happened.  The flight home was the flight from the pit.  I left Boise on Saturday at 2 and flew to Phoenix where I had a 2 hour layover.   During my layover I decided that I would buy a backpack to put the i-LIMB in and carry it on with me.  I then boarded the plane and they sent me to Vegas where I had a 4 hour layover.   A good friend of mine met me and we went out to dinner.  Having left the airport in Vegas, I needed to go through security again but I was feeling much better about it because I had me the trusty “it can carry the i-LIMB bag.”  I was mistaken.  As I went through security this time the lady at the metal detector looked at my empty sleeve and called for – Male Assist!  I asked her why and she said I need to check what you have up your sleeve.  Now get this, I did not have the i-LIMB on, I just had my normal look of my sleeve hanging down.  I am not sure what came over me – I was tired – I had been flying all day – and the tone in this ladies voice just set me on the edge.  I pulled my sleeve up and stuck my stub in her face and said – HERE IS WHAT I HAVE UP MY SLEEVE!!  I know I know – it was probably not the nicest thing to do but “IT WORKED”  she let me go through and I thought it was now over and I could go my merry way – NOPE!!  By the way – the look on the ladies face was priceless – I wish I could of gotten it on video – too funny.


As I stood at the end of the line, having just gone through the metal detector, I watched the agent scanning the bags as they went through on the conveyor belt.  Suddenly he said WHOA!! and called a few other agents over.  I thought OH BOY HERE WE GO AGAIN!  Sure enough – they stood there running this thing through the metal detector two or three times till finally I heard – Who owns this bag?  I held up my arm in the air and shouted – THAT WOULD BE ME!!  Again the look on their face – hilarious.  I finally made it through and got home late Saturday night.  But it was a pain!  It was funny at times but it was a pain.  I guess that part of my life is going to change also as I do a lot of flying.

During my stay in Idaho I had the privilege of being able to spend some time with some teachers that impacted my life.  In the last post you saw my 6th grade teacher Mr. A.  I want to introduce you to Mrs. Rogerson, my speech teacher from High School that made an impact on my life.  Here she is – Rog – thanks again – you are the greatest.

Many of you have heard my motivational speech that I do about my 4th grade teacher Mr. Jenkins – I did not even know if he was still around or alive, to be honest, but I was able to find him on this trip to Idaho and here is an interview with him.  By the way – a book that I have written about this incident will soon be made available as a children’s book.  You will have to check it out and hear the story about all of that at a later time.  Here is the infamous Mr. Jenkins.

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DAY #51 & DAY #52

The last few days have been a whirlwind up here at the Idaho Youth Convention.  The services have been going great and the young people are awesome.  I have run into so many old friends that I haven’t seen in 20 years.  Been really fun and has brought back a lot of memories.  I was able to drive by the old homestead that we used to live in – so much has changed out there over the years.  

I was able to stop by the High School that I graduated from – it is now the 4th and 5th grade school but it looks so much the same.  They allowed me to go through and do some video so here is a few takes on that.

The old ball field where I used to pitch for BOB’S BAD BUGS – wow – we had quite a team name!  We would win on occasion!  LOL

Life is made up of our experiences and the people who helped shape those experiences.  Meet Mr. A – real name Mr. Altemose.  I found out that he was still involved in teaching and tracked him down.  Mr. A was my 6th grade teacher and made such a profound impact in my life.  I was able to spend some time with him at his office where he is principal of a High School in Twin Falls.  Great guy!  Thanks Mr. A!

In just a little bit I will be meeting with 2 other teachers that made such a great impact in my life.  My fourth grade teacher – Mr. Jenkins and my Speech teacher from high school “Rog”  Stay tuned

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DAY #49 & #50

I am now in Idaho and I am taking a walk down memory lane.  I grew up in the town that I am preaching a Youth Convention and I have had the opportunity to see a lot of friends and family.  Monday night I flew into Boise and spent some time with my 94 year old grandmother “Nanny”.  This was a special time and I thought I would post a video of some of our time together.

My uncle Henry was quite excited over my new hand and wanted to take some pictures of it.  Here is Henry and aunt Alma seeing the i-LIMB for the first time.

Tuesday I drove into Twin Falls and I will be here till the end of the week.  You are going to get a see a lot of video over the next few days that may be boring to you but it is pretty interesting to me.  Hope you enjoy it.

Driving into Twin Falls I passed by the Hospital that I seemed to frequent often with the accidents we had as kids.  

I drove by the church that my dad pastored when I was a kid.  I was able to go inside and take some shots of the inside.  It amazed me at how much it hasn’t changed.  Check it out.

I will be posting more as we go along.  Stay tuned.


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