DAY #96

Just a few more days till we reach the 100 days with the i-LIMB mark.  On day 100 we will be doing a very special post – you do not want to miss it.  I started out DAY 96 running some errands with the i-LIMB.  Driving with the i-LIMB has been something that I have thoroughly enjoyed, it is just cool!

Last night my wife took some time for herself and went  scrapbooking with some friends.  It was one of these all-nighter type of deals – Four till Midnight!  I still do not understand how that can be fun but…..  LOL!  Anyways while I was home with my kiddos I thought I would do some filming.  Now once you watch this please do not judge me!!  LOL.  I know it is somewhat mean but it is so funny.  I will let the video speak for itself.  

She has forgiven her father but she was a little frightened.  Averie – I love you and daddy is sorry but I have to post it.  I know I am going to get some comments on this so please be kind.  This really had nothing to do with the i-LIMB but I just had to put it up.

I had to put this up – this is what our house looked like this morning when I woke up.  The youth of our church decided to go out last night and have some fun.  My son Carson was a part of it so he gets to clean it all up this morning LOL.  Great job Solid Youth – you guys are getting better at it – didn’t even hear you this time!!  Just remember – I DON’T GET MAD I GET EVEN!!  LOL


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