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The Adventures Continue

I am still enjoying living life with the i-LIMB and I am still enjoying coming in contact with people who get to experience it for the first time.  Below is a video of my good friend Jason West  from San Jose, CA.  He has been keeping up with the “journey” since the beginning of my adventures but this was the first time he was able to see it in person.  Check it out.


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My Friend Haylee!!

One thing that being on this adventure has taught me – you never know who you come in contact with that will have an impact on your life.  One of those people is my friend, Haylee, a 7 year old from Nebraska.  During these adventures I posted one of her videos she did of a shout out to me.  We have become fast friends and Haylee is doing some amazing things over at Little Hand Big Heart. I wanted to post a couple of videos that are on Haylee’s site so you can meet her and see the journey that she is on.  This little girl has an amazing future and I am happy to have come in contact with her and her family.

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Here is Haylee playing the Wii.  I guess now I am going to have to make a video with the i-LIMB playing the Wii!!


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