About Darin


Darin Sargent has spent his life trying to make an impact on his generation.  He has lived by the motto: “You will never make an impact until you are committed to the collision.”

Born with a visible handicap, Darin has inspired countless thousands of youth across the nation teaching principles for overcoming.  He finds it difficult to shuffle a deck of cards but someone just recently gave him an electronic card shuffler – HOW COOL IS THAT????

You will be touched, challenged and changed when you hear the story of Darin and his ability to look at obstacles as opportunities for something great to happen in your life. 

His inspiring message, “I CAN’T HELP MYSELF I WAS BORN THIS WAY” has been heard by thousands of youth around the world.  Growing up with a physical handicap has afforded him a unique perspective and an uncanny ability to discover the humorous side of every situation.

Darin is an in-demand speaker at schools, camps and conferences, and has had the opportunity to speak to countless thousands of young people across the nation. He is widely respected as a champion for young people and his passion has made a lasting impact in youth across the nation. He is having the time of his life married to his best friend Duana, and raising three awesome kids (Carson, Ashton and Averie) and one Jack Russell Terrier by the name of Valentine.  

He has just started a brand new journey with some amazing technology called the i-limb.   This blog is a journal of that journey.  Watch as his life is changing before your eyes.  Each day is chronicled as he starts living life with “two thumbs up.”



You can visit Darin and get more information at www.darinsargent.com or 

find him on FACEBOOK and YouTube.  Keep checking back for more information on Darin and his adventures.



10 responses to “About Darin

  1. Hey! I took that picture of you! I miss those “commercial breaks” at Youth Convention.

    I don’t know if the i-limb could make you any cooler, but I’m overwhelmed, happy and thankful for your new adventure!

  2. Darin…I sure hope this improves your golf game…the down side is that you now have one less excuse on the course…and also one less for the wife’s honey-do-list…perhaps it was better without the arm…! My friend there are up-sides and down-sides to everything in life…new arm…new duties at the old home place!

    Much love flowing your way…my new zen attitude…it goes over well with the PSR crowd. LOL!

    Marty Varnell

  3. Jack and Peg Harmon

    Hello Darin- We just got off the phone with your dad. Wow! You look just like Harold! The ilimb looks awesome and we enjoyed the demonstration. You have a lovely family and we hope to meet them one day when we are visiting in Escondido. Just wanted to say hi….. Love, Jack and Peg Harmon

  4. Darin, it’s wonderful to meet you! Thanks for your kind words on Jordan’s blog. It’s wonderful to see your websites and the great things you’re doing. You’re the first congenital I’ve met with an iLimb. I’ve wondered if it was possible… only because I hadn’t seen it yet! Congrats and enjoy your new “helper arm.” (that’s what we call it in our house)

    • Thanks. It is definitely a new adventure for me. I have never really wore a prosthetic. The last one I had was when I was a child and I didn’t wear that much. It is like learning to walk but I am enjoying the journey. Great connecting with you.

  5. My daughter was born with just a little nubs on her left hand. It is great to read your blog and see the Ilimb at work. I was just reading that you did not wear your prosthetic much as a young child and I have to say that Haylee very much dislikes hers. She says she can’t feel anything with it on so she does not wear it. I am very glad to have found your blog.

  6. Marcus & Jamie Bledsoe

    Soooo Cool! Thanks for posting all your adventures. It’s great to read up and feel like we are apart of this with you. We love you and your family!!!

    Marcus and Jamie

  7. Matt

    Awesome posts here about your journey. I’m linking to your blog.

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  9. Lisa Painter

    Thanks for sharing your story, my son was born below elbow amputee so its so nice to read how well you are doing and like others have said, he won’t wear his helper right now, he’s only 16 months but we’ll keep trying…

    We’ll keep up with your blog for sure!

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