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DAY #28

We are in full swing on Day #28 here at The Adventures of the i-LIMB.  Yesterday I received some awesome interaction with the i-LIMB.  The people that are opening up wanting to talk about this new appendage in my life is amazing.  I am blown away each day at the people in my city that I am coming into contact with.  I am also amazed at how quickly I am adapting in the use of the i-LIMB.  Many things are becoming much easier as I use it each day.  Opening doors is a cinch now as well as picking things up with it.  

After church yesterday we went to Chili’s and talked to our favorite waiter there.  Kyle is a cool guy and here is what he had to say about the i-LIMB.

I went to my 2nd office Sunday evening to do some writing on my book and interviewed Chrissy.  Chrissy was on one of my earlier posts shown being frightened by the i-LIMB.  Here is her take now.

While I was working in the coffee shop a group of teenagers came in on a video scavenger hunt.  They were able to film the i-LIMB.  Check it out!

Tasha, who took the picture early in this journey of me spilling my drink at Starbucks, also came in last night.  Here is that take….


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DAY #14

Today starts close to two weeks with the i-LIMB.  We had a great time over the weekend at the Central Valley Youth Retreat.  To all the youth that were up there – YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!  Throughout the next couple of days stay tuned for video interviews taken while we were at the camp.

Last night late we left the Visalia area and headed up to Sacramento to be with my parents and family for a couple of days.  They have not had the chance to see the new bionic man so I wanted to let them in on this new adventure.  Stay tuned today as we post videos of my family and their first take on THE BIONIC MAN!!

Here are a few videos taken up at the camp that will tide you over till we get today’s content up.


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The Journey Begins

Life has drastically changed for me in the last few days.  I am the proud recipient of the i-limb, the ferrari if you will, of prosthetics (those are my doctors words not mine).  The journey in getting to this place has been nothing short of miraculous.  I am 39 and will be 40 in just a few months and I have never had anything excite and challenge me at the same time as much as this has.  I was born missing my left arm from just below the elbow down and have pretty much been able to accomplish what I have wanted to in my life.  This journey is a whole new ball game.  From the emotions of taking this step to the challenges of using the i-limb, this is going to be quite a ride.

I thought that I would use this blog to chronicle my journey.  Many of you have responded to this major event in our lives through several of the social networking sites that I am on and through email.  Thanks so much for your support, your humor and your excitement that you share with us as we begin a totally new walk.

I also wanted this site to be a place where others who may be looking into this great technology, can find some information and inspiration.  So each day will be chronicled as best as I can with what I am facing now living life 2 handed (sort of).

Enjoy and feel free to leave comments, suggestions, questions or funny stories.

Darin “Sarge” Sargent



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