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DAY #12

Yesterday Carson and I traveled up north to begin speaking at a youth camp outside of Springville, CA.  On the way we stopped and had lunch with good friends, the Mike Flowers family.  This was a great time and we had a blast doing some video in Chili’s.  Here you go – 


Some closing comments from the Flowers family….

This girl was a trip – funny video

more camp interviews with some good friends – 

Here is the director of the camp and good friend Steve Barker and his take on the adventures of the i-LIMB



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DAY #11




Today the i-LIMB, Carson and I go up north a ways to speak at a youth retreat in the Central Valley.  Looking forward to this over the next 2 days and I am sure I am going to have tons of great footage.  The i-LIMB is going to be out and about the next few days and I am confident something good will come from it.  Stay tuned!

If you did not get the opportunity to see yesterdays post, check it out.  I was able to interview the doctor and staff that made this all possible for me.  Also in yesterdays post I told the unfolding story of how all of this came about.  Check it out!  It is unreal how this has all come together.

Yesterday in the office, the doctor took my hand off!  We were trying some different gloves and he needed to take it off in order to get the glove on good.  I put this up on facebook yesterday and I thought I would show you what it looked like.


The Missing i-LIMB

The Missing i-LIMB



Here is what the end of the i-LIMB looks like without the hand.  



Some things I have learned the last couple of days:

I was able to pull into a parking lot and push the button on the machine that spits out the parking ticket and then I was able to grab the parking ticket from the machine.  This is too cool!  I have always had to lean out of the car and do everything with my right hand (duh!!).

I can wave at people and still drive the car!  This is proving to be fun.  I am waving at people I do not even know and it is freaking some of them out.  

More to come on this day as the THE i-LIMB GOES ON A TRIP!!

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DAY #10

Today is going to be an interesting day. Today I have my first doctors appointment with the i-LIMB since I got it last week.  My plan is to interview my doctor and then tell the story of how all of this came about.  Several of you have asked how I got on this journey and today I am going to share that with you.  So keep checking back.  

Yesterday I took a picture of me holding the newspaper and reading it.  I am amazed how really neat this is.  I have always had to lay the newspaper on a table or something that would hold it up so I can view it.  Now I am able to hold the paper and flip through the pages sitting back on my chair or wherever I may be.  Check out this picture –


I am discovering that this is useful in holding books etc…  I am so jazzed.  

Hey check me out on facebook if you want to continue receiving updates about this i-LIMB adventure or subscribe to this blog to be continually notified when I add posts to it.  Stay tuned for later today – interview with doctor!  Should be cool.

This morning I had to take my truck in for maintenance at the dealership.  I thought they were going to take me back there with them to work on my arm.  This thing attracts all sorts of people and it is amazing the people that I am meeting because of this.  More about that later.  Enjoy.

Alright the moment many of you have been waiting for.  I am writing this at 6:37 pm on Thursday February 26, 2009.  I spent some time at the doctors office today and was able to get an interview with him.  Here it is –


Here is another individual in the prosthetics office that was way cool and helped in this entire process –

Jennifer and Dr. John – I can not say it enough how thankful I am for what you have done for me.  This advancement has revolutionized my life.  I owe you so much.  Thanks.

Here is the story.  Instead of writing it all down I thought it would be better to tell it to you in person live from my home office – did that sound professional or what? – Anyways, enjoy and if you have any questions send them on.  Keep checking in for more of the journey!!  


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DAY #9

Well I think that it can now be ruled official – I HAVE TWO HANDS!  Well sort of…  Every day it gets a little bit better in the use of the i-LIMB, a little more natural and a little more comfortable.  I am probably having too much fun with this thing.  But what a ride these 9 days have been.  From the first time I opened a door to the moment I put toothpaste on my toothbrush held by the i-LIMB, I have been anxious for the next challenge.  It is like learning to walk all over and there are times that it can get a little frustrating because it is so unnatural to me.

I am including a video that shows me putting the i-limb on.  Many of you have asked if I could show this again in a little more detail so here it is.

Tom Foster from Dallas Texas was in town the last couple of days and we were able to spend some time together.  I thought it would be good to hear his take on spending a couple of days with the BIONIC MAN!!  LOL

Here are a few more interviews that have been taken over the last week.  Enjoy and I will post more later – I am wearing it to church tonight so there should be some good stories come out of this!!


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DAY #8

I am getting this thing down a little better.  The muscles are not as sore and do not tire out as quickly.  It is still awkward at times.  It is funny how often I go to do something when I have the i-limb on and attempt to do it like I always have.  Many times I have had to remind myself – dude you have a left hand now USE IT!!  

Besides enjoying the use of it I am loving peoples reactions!  I know this is somewhat mean but it is funny.  I took a video of me showing it to our youth pastor and his wife’s daughter.  I didn’t mean to really scare her I was just wanting to see her reaction.  Here you go – 

Many of you have asked how it works with some of the little things of life.  This is where I am noticing the difference more than any other area.  I have mentioned in previous posts how it is impacting me in the day to day menial tasks.  Here is an example of how it is helping.

I am still trying to adjust to this appendage and some things are going to take time in getting it down.  Here is an attempt at putting my socks on.

Hey it is coming in “handy” with vacuuming.  I am in trouble!!

Vacuum with the i-LIMB


Things I have learned in Day #8

I took a knife in the i-LIMB today and was able to use it while eating.  For the first time in my life I was able to push things with the knife onto my fork – FOOD BEWARE!!  I can finally get all of you.  This will come in handy with corn and trying to get it all on the fork.  I am so stoked!!

I have to be careful because I knock things over a lot because I am not used to having something on the end of my left arm.  Today at lunch I knocked over the tea glass but thankfully the waitress was a secret ninja and caught it before it spilled to much.  More about that later.

I am wearing it up to 5-6 hours a day now.  Probably a little bit much because it gets heavy after a while and my muscles get really tired.  When that happens it is hard to open and close.

I was carrying my briefcase in my right hand today and was able to open and close the front door to our house.  No more having to set something down in order to get into a room that has a door.  This is so awesome!!

Nasa has called several times wanting me to see if I can cooperate in the next launch of the shuttle – LOL  just kidding!  i-LIMB on the moon!  

Over all it is getting somewhat easier to operate.  I am enjoying the journey.


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Day #7

Well it is now day seven of the i-LIMB Adventure and it has been just that – an adventure.  I have switched up the way I do this blog from here on out.  Instead of being a day behind I am trying to stay current with each day so that the things I do and the challenges I face using the i-LIMB stay fresh in my mind so that I can blog about them.  I will still be blogging things from the previous days as I go on, but this will make it easier for every one to stay current.

Yesterday at church was quite fun.  Not only did we have great church but the interviews given were hilarious.  Again I want to say a great big thank you to Josh for going around and filming all of those.  I had no idea the amount of people he talked to.  Here is a video of the i-LIMB in …. well just check it out.

Some more interviews from yesterday.


Things I am learning today:

It is way cool to be able to hold my wallet and take out cash (if I have any) and my debit card.  

Cashiers are freaked out about this.

I was able to put a deposit envelope in the deposit slot on the ATM.  I can practice more with this if everyone will send me money!  LOL

People feel more comfortable asking about this than they do about my arm.  I am hearing “Hey that is cool – what is it?” alot.  

My wife is figuring out I can do more things – I vacuumed with it today.  This is really a bad side of all of this.  LOL

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Day #5 & #6

Well it has almost been a week.  We are on day #6 and already I have noticed the difference the i-LIMB is making in my life.  This morning as I was getting ready for church I mentioned to my wife the impact in the little things this piece of technology is helping me with.  For instance, brushing my teeth.  I have always had to set the toothbrush down on the counter or put it in my teeth to hold it in order to put the toothpaste on it.  Now I can hold the toothbrush with my “left-hand.”  Just way to cool.  This afternoon after I return home from church I will be putting some video up on the blog from yesterday (Day #5) and some from today (Day #6).    

But for now here is a clip of some words from one of my friends, Donnie Young and what he thought of the i-LIMB!

Thanks and Thumb”s” UP!


Sunday morning in church office update.


Interviews from some in our church.  Thanks Josh!!


Carson doing some filming of his dad driving away from the church.  Enjoy!

I was asked by several people to put this back up for today.  You can find it on day #3 but here it is again.  Notice Averie’s face.  She has been so accepting of her dad, all 3 of my kids have been great.

Today I stopped by Starbucks because of the bike race that wouldnt let me back into my house.  Here are some pictures that were taken while I was in there.  The first one is me trying to carry my drink.  I haven’t quite gotten a handle on this yet but I will keep trying.  I spilled it on the ground.  Thanks Tasha for sending these to me.  It was great getting to meet you.  God bless.


I love her reaction when she was introduced to THE BIONIC MAN.  HA HA.  Again Tasha – Thanks for capturing these moments.


Things that I have learned these two days:

When I carry the arm around while not wearing it – people look at me funny!  LOL

I was able to hold a menu today – this was cool.  Next I will be attempting Newspapers!  Oh the opportunities that await!  I’m Pumped!

I didnt wear it this morning while getting ready for church and I noticed that I was missing not having it.  Already it is helping with things.

I was able to tear a piece of paper that was perforated.  This was really nifty.

Lance Amstrong came by in front of our church today – He said he wants one.

I am now getting it down to the place I can hold down a piece of paper and keep it from sliding while I write.

It is a great conversation starter.

More to come……


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