Day #5 & #6

Well it has almost been a week.  We are on day #6 and already I have noticed the difference the i-LIMB is making in my life.  This morning as I was getting ready for church I mentioned to my wife the impact in the little things this piece of technology is helping me with.  For instance, brushing my teeth.  I have always had to set the toothbrush down on the counter or put it in my teeth to hold it in order to put the toothpaste on it.  Now I can hold the toothbrush with my “left-hand.”  Just way to cool.  This afternoon after I return home from church I will be putting some video up on the blog from yesterday (Day #5) and some from today (Day #6).    

But for now here is a clip of some words from one of my friends, Donnie Young and what he thought of the i-LIMB!

Thanks and Thumb”s” UP!


Sunday morning in church office update.


Interviews from some in our church.  Thanks Josh!!


Carson doing some filming of his dad driving away from the church.  Enjoy!

I was asked by several people to put this back up for today.  You can find it on day #3 but here it is again.  Notice Averie’s face.  She has been so accepting of her dad, all 3 of my kids have been great.

Today I stopped by Starbucks because of the bike race that wouldnt let me back into my house.  Here are some pictures that were taken while I was in there.  The first one is me trying to carry my drink.  I haven’t quite gotten a handle on this yet but I will keep trying.  I spilled it on the ground.  Thanks Tasha for sending these to me.  It was great getting to meet you.  God bless.


I love her reaction when she was introduced to THE BIONIC MAN.  HA HA.  Again Tasha – Thanks for capturing these moments.


Things that I have learned these two days:

When I carry the arm around while not wearing it – people look at me funny!  LOL

I was able to hold a menu today – this was cool.  Next I will be attempting Newspapers!  Oh the opportunities that await!  I’m Pumped!

I didnt wear it this morning while getting ready for church and I noticed that I was missing not having it.  Already it is helping with things.

I was able to tear a piece of paper that was perforated.  This was really nifty.

Lance Amstrong came by in front of our church today – He said he wants one.

I am now getting it down to the place I can hold down a piece of paper and keep it from sliding while I write.

It is a great conversation starter.

More to come……



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5 responses to “Day #5 & #6

  1. Darin,
    wow, that’s all I can say. You are a major inspiration. I will try to never take the little things for granted again.
    You are an encouragement to us all bro.


  2. Tasha G.

    Hey there!

    I met you in the coffee shop this afternoon! Your story is very insiring. It struck me as I was lifting up the chair today to clean up the mess and I needed two arms for that.. amazing to think about how many countless things that you can do now with a left arm!!

    Here are the photos I took. =]

    Attempting to hold your first cup of coffee!

    And my friends reaction =]

    God Bless!

  3. mary kerr

    Hey Bro. Sargent, just stopping by to say congrats on the iLIMB! I’m amazed! Great blog!!

  4. Dude that video with Ashton & Averie jacks me up!!!

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