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DAY #42 and DAY #43

Ok, it has been two days that I have been unable to wear the i-LIMB.  I did not realize how much I have  been depending on it.  For the past two days, I have noticed that I have missed not having it on.  As you know one of my fingers broke and I had to get it replaced.  Today I was able to go down to Hangar Prosthetics and get a brand new finger!  I now have 10 (YES COUNT THEM) 10 working fingers  LOL.  I will show you a few videos of that later in this post.  

Right now I want to show you something that has  been one of the greatest highlights of this entire journey that I have been on.  During this time with the i-LIMB I have come in contact with so many wonderful people.  A few days back on The Adventures of the i-LIMB, I gave a shout out to a brand new friend named Haylee, that was born very special.  We came in contact through these adventures and we  have been emailing back and forth.  She saw my Dude, Where’s Your Arm Shirt and told me that she liked it so I sent one to her.  Here is a video she posted on her blog.  Haylee – you are awesome!

You can follow Haylee at Little Hand Big Heart – make sure you leave Haylee a comment and tell her you found out about her from The Adventures of the i-LIMB web site.  She will love to hear from you.  She is 7 (I got it right this time Haylee LOL!!!) and she has got an incredible future.

If you see this tonight and are wondering where the other videos are – YouTube is down right now so I will get them up shortly.  Thanks.

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DAY #41

I set out on this journey to record 100 days of this adventure with the i-LIMB.  We are at Day #41 and I have not been able to wear the i-LIMB today due to the fact that two of the fingers are broken.  I posted a video showing you what it looks like but thought I would put the i-LIMB on and show it to you that way.  Check it out.  

Hopefully tomorrow we will find out when we can get the i-LIMB fixed and back in operation.  Keep checking in to see what is next @ The Adventures.

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DAY #40

Well I have some sad news!  The i-LIMB is now experiencing some problems.  Two of my fingers are broken.  Yep I sprained my i-LIMB fingers.  But no worries – I will get them replaced this next week.  It is kind of funny how they do it – they just take the broken finger off and put a new one on.  I am sure that I will have some stories come out of this experience.  Here is a shot of what the problem is with my new appendage.

While I have a little down time with the i-LIMB, I thought I would post some of the more popular videos of this adventure.  Some of these are very funny and some of them are pretty emotional.  If you are just joining The Adventures make sure to go back to the beginning and see where this journey has taken me.  Many of you are just now tuning in for the first time and you have much to catch up on.  Have fun and here are a few you should enjoy.

Here are some friends comments that have been pretty cool.

Some of the more serious videos that are popular.

And the number 1 requested video of The Adventures.  This is the second take of the video – the first one posted quit working for some reason.  Must be a youtube deal.  But this one is a remix!

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DAY #39

I am amazed each week of the people that are coming into contact with this adventure.  The Adventures of the ilimb blog is now being seen in over 5 different countries.  Yesterday I noticed I was getting several hits from a link from someone elses blog and so I thought I would check it out.  I found that there are a few medical blogs that have posted links to my site and are discussing this journey that I am on.  Very cool!  I wanted to give a shout out to Dr. Wes who I believe is from Illinois or some place in the mid west.  Thanks for linking and commenting on the journey that I am on.  Here is a link to what he has to say about it… Dr.Wes Blog.  Thanks Dr. Wes, I appreciate it much.

A few days ago I posted me trying to put a gazebo together with the ilimb.  Well… that didn’t turn out so well….

As promised for a few weeks now – a few videos on trying to swing a club with the i-LIMB

Here is a few words about what the i-LIMB adventures are doing.  This has been a great ride and I trust that everyone is enjoying the journey.  Keep sending the emails and comments and tell your friends.


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DAY #38

Tonight my wife and I got a chance to go out and enjoy an evening without the kiddos.  We love our kids but it sure is nice to get a break every once in a while.  Here are some videos of the evening.

While we were eating an accident occurred down the road from where we were.  Did the i-LIMB strike again?!!!  LOL

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DAY #37

I get tickled when I go out in public and see peoples reaction to my new appendage.  If you thought people stared at me with just one arm, you ought to see them when I have a short sleeve shirt on.  It is so funny.  I saw this guy thinking that he was hiding behind a curtain like thing peek around it to get a good look at me.  I wanted to run up to him and put the i-LIMB in his face and say, “Can you see it now?”  LOL  But I am such a nice guy that I didn’t.

A few of the past videos that I have put up are not working on youtube for whatever reason and some have asked what the deal is.  I haven’t taken any of them down so I have no idea.  It must be a youtube deal but anyway I thought I would post some of the more popular ones up again for all to take a look at in case you missed one.

Here is my favorite and by far the most popular…

This has been a pretty popular one because it shows how I put the i-LIMB on.

Here is the video explaining how I got to the place of getting the i-LIMB…..

Enjoy the recap and we will back tomorrow with more adventures!!


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DAY #36

Ok.  I am trying my best to keep people updated on all that is new with the i-LIMB.  I get several questions a day from different ones that are just now joining the adventures so I am going to try and answer some of them.  I got an email asking the weight of the i-limb.  It is probably in between 2-3 pounds.  I tried to put it on our bathroom scale but it didnt register on the meter.  I guess that scale is just for fat people like me!  LOL

Anyway, the difficulty that I have with the i-LIMB at times is the weight.  I dont have much of an arm below my elbow so there is a lot of weight that it is having to support.  Being so short with that section of my arm – it tires out pretty quickly.  I am wearing it up to 8 hours a day on some days.  Believe me, when I take the new limb off I am a hurting puppy.  

Tonight we had a little fun with the i-LIMB chasing lizards.  I didnt catch any even though I am so bionic – LOL.

I am trying to learn how to use my new hand while cutting steak.  This is a little more difficult than I originally thought it would be but I am getting better at it.  I will get it – it just may take me some time.

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