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Life is all about the people you meet and the friends you make.  Last weekend we ministered in Katy Texas where I met Caleb.  A congenital amputee with an arm very similar to mine.  I had been wearing my i-LIMB during the day but had taken it off when I met Caleb.  This kid is awesome and I am proud to know him.  I am so thrilled to be able to meet kids that have the same birth situation as I do.  Check out our video…


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Bionic Blogger article

I just received an email from Touch Bionics about a newsletter they just sent out that has an article I wrote for it.  They are an incredible company and it is a neat newsletter.  Check it out below….

Touch Life RoW August 2009

I am currently in Texas where I am speaking at a Youth Camp with about 250 kids.  We are having a blast and the kids are totally digging the i-LIMB.  I will be posting more pictures in the days ahead.

The i-LIMB is continuing to be a great benefit in my life.  I am amazed each week at what this piece of technology has brought into my life.  Thanks again Touch Bionics.  You guys are a blessing.

I thought I would add a picture or two of some fun I have been having with the i-LIMB recently..  This is taken with my friend Rob McKee…

the ilimb gets another victim - lol


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