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Well I have done it this time!

Recently my family and I slipped away for a few days to go see may parents, brothers and their families up in Sacramento. I was looking forward to catching up with them and spending some time just chilling. On Wednesday night my mom took all the girls, 10 of them to Disney on Ice, while us guys decided to do something a little more manly.

We decided to go to a place called Sky High – it is an indoor trampoline place that is pretty cool. I should of known I was in trouble when I had to sign a form waiving my right to sue if I got injured. I felt like a kid in a candy store. There were trampolines connected everywhere. It was fun, for awhile!

They had a section where you could play dodgeball and I was on FIRE!! We played that for nearly an hour then decided to go back to the area where there were trampolines on the wall and all over the floor. I thought I would give it one more try and took off jumping from one trampoline to the next chasing after my 13 year old nephew. Needless to say I landed on the third trampoline and my ankle decided to go a different direction than I planned on going. I messed it up pretty bad. In fact the doctor said it would of been better if I broke it instead of spraining it the way I did.

With all of that in mind I have discovered something that is pretty cool. For the first time in my life I am actually able to use crutches the way they are designed to be used. And it is all thanks to the i-LIMB. I picked up my crutches the other day and just started laughing because of how easy it is to use with the i-LIMB on.

Finding new and useful ways to use my prosthesis makes each day an adventure. I haven’t posted anything in a while on this blog but thought this would be something others would like to hear about. Here is a picture of me, the bum foot, crutches and the i-LIMB. Pretty cool the way this thing has helped in my life.

I continue to enjoy the opportunities this new appendage has brought into my life and I look forward to more ahead on the “journey.”

By the way, make sure you head over to Thank You Mr. Jenkins to order your copy of my new children’s book. Your family is going to love it.





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Finally!!!  After much chiding from the masses  LOL  I am finally posting a 100 DAYS AND BEYOND EPISODE of the adventure that I have been on with the i-LIMB.  This is just a short video to catch everyone up on these adventures and to let you know what I will be doing in the future.  Here is a video for your viewing pleasure.  This entire journey has been nothing short of amazing for me.

I am posting some of the more popular videos that have been put up on the site to catch you up if you are new to these adventures:


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One more day left of the daily ADVENTURES!!! It seems unbelievable that I have had the i-LIMB in my life for 100 days.  I wore it a little bit on Day 99 and only took a few videos.  Nothing spectacular but here it is.  Check back for DAY 100 – A SPECIAL EPISODE!!


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An Adventures of the i-LIMB special!!

In the month of March, just a few weeks after I received the i-LIMB, Danielle Jones-Wesley drove down to our house and filmed an interview with me about my experience with the i-LIMB.  Danielle is a college student from Rancho Cucamonga studying journalism and broadcasting.  She submitted this as a class project and it was played on the college television news station.  This was a cool experience and today she sent this to me and I thought that I would post it on my blog for all to see.  Thanks Danielle!  Great Job!!

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DAYS 94 & 95

Only five days away from what once seemed to be the elusive “100” days with the i-LIMB.  These adventures have been some of the best days of my life.  The challenge of learning to take on something new – like a hand – has been tough yet extremely rewarding.  Although the i-LIMB has come in useful in so many areas of my life, one of the greatest joys I have is being able to play golf, and I have discovered that I the i-LIMB is not useful in this arena.  

Now I did a video sometime back in these adventures of me hitting a golf ball with and without the i-LIMB.  I definitely found that it is not built for golf and that I do much better without having it on while playing.  I dont get to go out and play golf as much as I would like to but when I do – I do my best to kick everyones tail that I am playing against.  LOL!!  If a two armed guy beats me – they are not going to say anything to anybody because – THEY BEAT A ONE ARMED GUY!!  If I beat them – I TELL EVERYONE!!! 

So this post shows me hitting a shot in a golf game that I was recently able to play.  By the way – I SHOT AN 85!!  Not bragging just being factual – LOL  – It was one of those rare days that I was on my game.  Watch out Tiger – the BIONIC man is on his way to the PGA Tour!!  HA HA  Enjoy!!  More to come in these last 5 days!

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DAY #82-#89

A week has gone by since I last posted on The Adventures of the i-LIMB – so much has been going on.  Still enjoying wearing the i-LIMB each day – some days I wear it more than other days but it is absolutely helping in many things.

I have been sending a lot of my videos to Touch Bionics for an upcoming conference that they have going on and I am pretty excited about the future of being connected to Touch Bionics.  They have done an incredible job with the i-LIMB and I am thankful for the technology that they have put into this prosthetic.  

Here is a picture I took breaking bread (literally) with my good friend Scott Graham.  


I plan on taking a few more pictures over the next few days as we draw closer to the 100 day mark with the i-LIMB.  What a journey this has been.  I thought I would put up some of the less viewed videos of these adventures that are still noteworthy of checking out.  Leave me some comments on what you think I should do with this blog after the 100 days of journaling the journey are over.  Thanks much – enjoy!

Here is the story of how the i-LIMB came into my life…..

I also wanted to re-post a letter I received a few months back from a friend I grew up with who is now a teacher of a 4th grade class.  This was really awesome.

Hey Darin,

It’s Tammy from Salinas. Just wanted to let you know that I showed my fourth grade class the photos from your ilimb adventures. I had thought that they’d be interested in my friend’s bionic arm. Wow! Talk about an understatement! The room was full of shouts of “Whoa!” and “Cool!” All the kids (especially the boys) were enthralled.

I shared some stories of my memories of all of us playing as kids– climbing all over that crazy, lop-sided  merry-go-round at the Schiveleys’– and how you never let having one arm slow you down. One boy, Bobby, was especially impressed. He asked if he could try going through the day with one arm. I told him it was fine and he tucked his arm inside his shirt.

I sort of forgot that he was doing that until I went out for yard duty and I heard a yell from the playground structure. There was Bobby at the top, arm still tucked inside his shirt. Later, I saw him cruising around the playground with 3 of my other “cool and tough” boys. Sure enough, each of them had an arm tucked inside their shirts. Bobby stuck with his experiment for the rest of the day– even through the lunch line.

Just for the record, Bobby is one of my many “at risk” kids. His parents were both addicts in Southern CA when he and his twin sister were born. His dad died 4 years ago and mom has been trying to get their lives together. He’s a bright little guy with a lot of potential, so him finding a hero is a great thing. Today, you were that hero.

Bobby is going to write about his adventures today and he and the rest of the class have TONS of questions about the ilimb. I’ll be passing those along to you for you to tackle in your SPARE time (Ha!). Their favorite ilimb pic is the one of you driving and the one where you’re choking Carson. I couldn’t get the videos to download in the classroom– I think it’s because youtube is blocked by the school site. Going to try to have my tech committee (lol…my husband, David) tackle that this weekend so that the kids can watch those.

Anyway, just thought I’d let you know that you and the ilimb are making a difference in the lives of some kids back in Salinas. And it sure made me look like the very cool teacher– having a friend with a bionic arm! Take care and God bless!

(I changed the name of the student)

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Today is going to be an interesting day.  I am accompanying my youngest daughter on a field trip to the fire station under one condition – DAD MUST WEAR THE I-LIMB.  Check this out…

Well I just returned from the field trip and it was crazy.  These videos were taken as we were waiting to go to the fire station.  Listen close to some of the questions the kids were asking – hilarious!

bionic fire fighter

I ended the time at the fire station by getting my picture taken with fire fighter Matt and fire fighter Shawn – thanks guys.

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