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Thank You Mr. Jenkins is now AVAILABLE!!

Order your copy today by going to THANK YOU MR JENKINS

I will be doing a video in the next day or so telling the story about this book and how it all came about.  Stay tuned to hear more of this impacting story and make sure to order your copy today.

Thanks much!




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My Friend Haylee!!

One thing that being on this adventure has taught me – you never know who you come in contact with that will have an impact on your life.  One of those people is my friend, Haylee, a 7 year old from Nebraska.  During these adventures I posted one of her videos she did of a shout out to me.  We have become fast friends and Haylee is doing some amazing things over at Little Hand Big Heart. I wanted to post a couple of videos that are on Haylee’s site so you can meet her and see the journey that she is on.  This little girl has an amazing future and I am happy to have come in contact with her and her family.

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Here is Haylee playing the Wii.  I guess now I am going to have to make a video with the i-LIMB playing the Wii!!


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DAY #44

I wanted to put up yesterday’s videos for you to see but YouTube was doing some routine maintenance so I was never able to get it downloaded to the blog.  It sure feels great being able to use the i-LIMB again.  I am amazed at how much I miss not having it on at times.  Definitely this journey has been changing my life.  Here are the videos as promised.  

Thanks to all that have checked out Haylee’s blog at Little Hand Big Heart and left comments.  Haylee is the coolest 7 year old ever!  

The next couple of days may be pretty busy for me but I will try and get some posts up if possible.  My parents are flying in for my 40th Birthday Bash!  The rest of my family comes in on Friday and so it is going to be a busy time.  It should be a great time to introduce all of my family to The Adventures of the i-LIMB family.  Stay tuned…..

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DAY #42 and DAY #43

Ok, it has been two days that I have been unable to wear the i-LIMB.  I did not realize how much I have  been depending on it.  For the past two days, I have noticed that I have missed not having it on.  As you know one of my fingers broke and I had to get it replaced.  Today I was able to go down to Hangar Prosthetics and get a brand new finger!  I now have 10 (YES COUNT THEM) 10 working fingers  LOL.  I will show you a few videos of that later in this post.  

Right now I want to show you something that has  been one of the greatest highlights of this entire journey that I have been on.  During this time with the i-LIMB I have come in contact with so many wonderful people.  A few days back on The Adventures of the i-LIMB, I gave a shout out to a brand new friend named Haylee, that was born very special.  We came in contact through these adventures and we  have been emailing back and forth.  She saw my Dude, Where’s Your Arm Shirt and told me that she liked it so I sent one to her.  Here is a video she posted on her blog.  Haylee – you are awesome!

You can follow Haylee at Little Hand Big Heart – make sure you leave Haylee a comment and tell her you found out about her from The Adventures of the i-LIMB web site.  She will love to hear from you.  She is 7 (I got it right this time Haylee LOL!!!) and she has got an incredible future.

If you see this tonight and are wondering where the other videos are – YouTube is down right now so I will get them up shortly.  Thanks.

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