DAY #69-#78

So much of life has been going on.  As you can tell we are getting closer to the goal of 100 days with the i-LIMB.  It is now more sensible for me to take the days in groups instead of trying to blog each day.  Life has been so crazy but it has been fun living life two handed even 78 days into it.

I am now discovering what I can use the i-LIMB for and what I can’t.  Living life for close to 40 years without the aid of a prosthetic, I have learned to do life pretty much single handed.  Now having the i-LIMB I find myself enjoying the extra hand for the little things in life.  It has been a great addition.

My youngest daughter Averie shown here in this picture – loves for her daddy to wear the i-LIMB and reminds me constantly to make sure I have it on when I pick her up for school.  

Holding Hands

Here is what it usually looks like when I pick her up.  The kids go crazy and want to know why I am bionic!  It is great and so much fun answering their questions.


We recently had Kelly Ventura and his family with us for a weekend at our church.  Kelly and I produced a comedy DVD a little over a year ago.  You can find more information about that at or at our blog.

We spent sometime discussing the future of Clergy Comedy and where it was heading.  Here is a video we did that involved the i-LIMB.  Kelly Ventura is one funny dude!



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2 responses to “DAY #69-#78

  1. Great pictures. I love those pictures. Is it me or is there not sound on the video?

  2. Hey Mister. Gary here, Kevins dad. Great to hear about the arm. Great blog. Reading it now. Got to go Talk later.
    God Bless you
    Gary Knudson

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