DAY #64-#67

What a great two days spent at the Catalyst West Coast conference.  Catalyst is basically a leadership conference suped up on steroids!  I have attended this conference in Atlanta for several years but this was their first venture out west.  It was really good.  I always come away from Catalyst inspired about leadership and ministry and being everything that God wants me to be.  I was able to take some of our team with us this year.  These guys are great and I am thankful to be working in the harvest with them.  

The Team @ Catalyst

If you are new to The Adventures of the i-LIMB and want to know more about it make sure to check out some of the TOP POSTS, especially those from the first few days of my adventure.  Give me a shout out if you can on what you think about the journey – love to hear from you.

On Thursday I wore the i-LIMB and had the privilege of meeting Nick Vujicic – this guy is pretty awesome.  I talked to him for a minute and was able to show him the i-LIMB.  He tripped out over it.  He was in a hurry so I didn’t get a picture with him which was a bummer – but check out his story – pretty amazing.  

The conference was held at Mariners Church in Irvine, CA.  Absolutely one of the most incredible church campuses that I have been on.  Check some of these out:

The first day of Catalyst had us rolling as Tim Hawkins came out to do a little comedy – the guy is hilarious.  I got some shots from where I was sitting and thought I would share them with you.

I am going to stop for now, I am laughing too hard.  Enjoy and keep checking back for more adventures of the i-LIMB.




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