DAY #60-#63

I am officially apologizing!  LOL  I have received many emails and some phone calls about why I have not been posting each day as I did previously.  Well…. To be honest, I have been extremely busy and the other is that I now realizing what I can use the i-LIMB for and what I can’t.  There are some things that I am more natural in doing without the i-LIMB than I am with it.  I was born without my arm so I have learned to live my life pretty much “single-handed.”  

But in the middle of this journey I have found many uses for my new arm.  It has helped tremendously in many areas of my life and I am thankful for that.  I knew going into this that I would not be wearing it all the time, I am so used to doing life the way I have always done it, but the times I do wear the i-LIMB I am appreciating it being so “handy”!!  I know, I am corny.

I wanted to bring everyone up to speed a little today and let you know I am still out here and still using the i-LIMB.  I plan on posting some video later today and get back into the flow of daily posts.  Stay tuned and thanks for all the support and emails that I have received.  

Till Later

The Bionic Man – man I am funny!  LOL


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