DAY #56 – #59

OK OK!  I know, I am slacking putting updates on the blog.  But it has been busy for this “one-armed bionic man.”  LOL  Truly this has been such a crazy couple of weeks.  The last time we checked into The Adventures of the i-LIMB (doesn’t that sound like the intro to a play or something) I had just come back from being in Idaho where some amazing things happened.  You can see some of those on my last couple of blogs.

Easter @ The Point was AWESOME!!  We had great crowds in both our 9 am and 11 am services.  Thankful for that!  After the service we let some of the kiddos do an Easter egg hunt out here at the house.  I wanted to put this video up because of the last segment of it.  You have to make your way through the kids having fun to get to it – but once you do – you are going to laugh.  Our neighbor had some of their family over for Easter and they wanted to see THE BIONIC MAN!!  Here it is – ENJOY and listen to the question that is asked me when I show my neighbors family my new appendage.

Funny stuff!

Everywhere I go I am amazed at the people that are tuning into The Adventures.  While I was in Idaho several of the youth and some of the children that were at the convention were wanting to see my arm because they had been following the blog.  Here is a great family – The Blankenships that have some cool boys.  They were a hoot!  The youngest boy was not happy one day at the convention because I did not have the i-LIMB on.  I wanted to show you some pictures with some of the kids in Idaho.  The little girl is the Lastingers daughter.  They pastor a great church there in the Twin Falls area.  I am so thrilled at what is going on in Idaho!  She wanted to be a part of the picture so here she is along with the Blankenship boys (sounds like a gang or something)  LOL


Here is Pastor Blankenship and his youngest son.  This kid is a blast!  Pastor Blankenship and his wife and family pastor the church in Nampa, Id.  Great people.  


Over the last few days I haven’t done much with the video segment of these Adventures but I promise to get back at it and keep them going.  The stories that are being emailed to me of the impact this journey is making in the lives of others has been pretty cool.  I never thought that something like this would spread so far and so fast.  Keep checking in and send me some of your questions that you may have concerning this new journey in my life.  Take care and THUMB”S” UP!


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