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I am playing catch up a little this morning on The Adventures of the i-LIMB blog.  I arrived back from Idaho late Saturday evening and yesterday was a crazy day being Easter and all.  

The last few days in Idaho were amazing, not only at the conference I was speaking, but also the friends, teachers and family that I was able to spend some time with.  It is always good to reconnect with old friends and those that made an impact in your life.

Now I must first of all say that going through security with the i-LIMB on is VERY frustrating.  When I left San Diego last Monday I wore the i-LIMB to see what would happen as I made my way through the security at the airport.  I did not want to pack the i-LIMB in a suitcase, we all know how they handle suitcases, and I was not comfortable putting a very expensive appendage in the hands of Bob the baggage thrower!

So going through the line the first time was some what funny but also a little tense.  I told the agent working the metal detector that I had this prosthetic.  The detector went off and I started thinking – they are going to confiscate my i-LIMB.  How will I live without something to blog about!  LOL  Just kidding.

As they sent me over to the guy with the high powered wand that checks you for whatever, I quickly became a spectacle.  He tested it for explosive residue and then called someone else over to check it out, then someone else came over then someone else….  Pretty soon I had a gallery asking questions – How does it work – You look like terminator – Are you the i-ROBOT, Can you defeat Chuck Norris????  All the questions that I have grown accustomed to over the last few weeks.  Eventually they let me through and everything was fine.  But it definitely slowed things down a little.

Now the rest of the story, the trip home is better than the one going to Idaho.  Again, I did not want to pack the ilimb in fear of losing it or it being damaged by Bob the baggage thrower, so I wore it and again – the same thing happened.  The flight home was the flight from the pit.  I left Boise on Saturday at 2 and flew to Phoenix where I had a 2 hour layover.   During my layover I decided that I would buy a backpack to put the i-LIMB in and carry it on with me.  I then boarded the plane and they sent me to Vegas where I had a 4 hour layover.   A good friend of mine met me and we went out to dinner.  Having left the airport in Vegas, I needed to go through security again but I was feeling much better about it because I had me the trusty “it can carry the i-LIMB bag.”  I was mistaken.  As I went through security this time the lady at the metal detector looked at my empty sleeve and called for – Male Assist!  I asked her why and she said I need to check what you have up your sleeve.  Now get this, I did not have the i-LIMB on, I just had my normal look of my sleeve hanging down.  I am not sure what came over me – I was tired – I had been flying all day – and the tone in this ladies voice just set me on the edge.  I pulled my sleeve up and stuck my stub in her face and said – HERE IS WHAT I HAVE UP MY SLEEVE!!  I know I know – it was probably not the nicest thing to do but “IT WORKED”  she let me go through and I thought it was now over and I could go my merry way – NOPE!!  By the way – the look on the ladies face was priceless – I wish I could of gotten it on video – too funny.


As I stood at the end of the line, having just gone through the metal detector, I watched the agent scanning the bags as they went through on the conveyor belt.  Suddenly he said WHOA!! and called a few other agents over.  I thought OH BOY HERE WE GO AGAIN!  Sure enough – they stood there running this thing through the metal detector two or three times till finally I heard – Who owns this bag?  I held up my arm in the air and shouted – THAT WOULD BE ME!!  Again the look on their face – hilarious.  I finally made it through and got home late Saturday night.  But it was a pain!  It was funny at times but it was a pain.  I guess that part of my life is going to change also as I do a lot of flying.

During my stay in Idaho I had the privilege of being able to spend some time with some teachers that impacted my life.  In the last post you saw my 6th grade teacher Mr. A.  I want to introduce you to Mrs. Rogerson, my speech teacher from High School that made an impact on my life.  Here she is – Rog – thanks again – you are the greatest.

Many of you have heard my motivational speech that I do about my 4th grade teacher Mr. Jenkins – I did not even know if he was still around or alive, to be honest, but I was able to find him on this trip to Idaho and here is an interview with him.  By the way – a book that I have written about this incident will soon be made available as a children’s book.  You will have to check it out and hear the story about all of that at a later time.  Here is the infamous Mr. Jenkins.


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