DAY #51 & DAY #52

The last few days have been a whirlwind up here at the Idaho Youth Convention.  The services have been going great and the young people are awesome.  I have run into so many old friends that I haven’t seen in 20 years.  Been really fun and has brought back a lot of memories.  I was able to drive by the old homestead that we used to live in – so much has changed out there over the years.  

I was able to stop by the High School that I graduated from – it is now the 4th and 5th grade school but it looks so much the same.  They allowed me to go through and do some video so here is a few takes on that.

The old ball field where I used to pitch for BOB’S BAD BUGS – wow – we had quite a team name!  We would win on occasion!  LOL

Life is made up of our experiences and the people who helped shape those experiences.  Meet Mr. A – real name Mr. Altemose.  I found out that he was still involved in teaching and tracked him down.  Mr. A was my 6th grade teacher and made such a profound impact in my life.  I was able to spend some time with him at his office where he is principal of a High School in Twin Falls.  Great guy!  Thanks Mr. A!

In just a little bit I will be meeting with 2 other teachers that made such a great impact in my life.  My fourth grade teacher – Mr. Jenkins and my Speech teacher from high school “Rog”  Stay tuned


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