DAY #49 & #50

I am now in Idaho and I am taking a walk down memory lane.  I grew up in the town that I am preaching a Youth Convention and I have had the opportunity to see a lot of friends and family.  Monday night I flew into Boise and spent some time with my 94 year old grandmother “Nanny”.  This was a special time and I thought I would post a video of some of our time together.

My uncle Henry was quite excited over my new hand and wanted to take some pictures of it.  Here is Henry and aunt Alma seeing the i-LIMB for the first time.

Tuesday I drove into Twin Falls and I will be here till the end of the week.  You are going to get a see a lot of video over the next few days that may be boring to you but it is pretty interesting to me.  Hope you enjoy it.

Driving into Twin Falls I passed by the Hospital that I seemed to frequent often with the accidents we had as kids.  

I drove by the church that my dad pastored when I was a kid.  I was able to go inside and take some shots of the inside.  It amazed me at how much it hasn’t changed.  Check it out.

I will be posting more as we go along.  Stay tuned.



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2 responses to “DAY #49 & #50

  1. Darin,

    Your Nanny is awesome. She brought tears to my eyes when she talked about taking you in her arms and the Lord telling her you were going to be alright. What an amazing woman you have in your life.

  2. LOVE NANNY!!! she is beautiful…her smile just lights up the room!! a true christian woman…an amazing example!

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