DAY #45

Well this weekend is going to be a blast.  It is my 40th Birthday on Sunday and my wife has got some stuff planned.  I dont know all of it but I know that there is a party on Saturday and lots of family and friends are coming in.  My parents have already arrived and we are having fun.  You will probably not get much practical application with the i-LIMB this weekend – it is primarily going to be fun and games so keep  checking in and I am sure you will get a laugh or two.  

Here are some videos we took tonight on the way to my youngest daughters choir performance.  My parents are a blast!

Ok I was sitting in my office showing my dad how all of this works with blogs and youtube and all and thought I would have some more fun,  ENJOY!!  I am going to show you my mad basketball skills!!



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2 responses to “DAY #45

  1. We just came to see how you are doing today. Hello Mom and Dad, Nice to meet you two. Darin thanks for sharing your day with us. OH and Haylee says you rock at playing bionic basketball.

  2. Dude that basketball video is awesome!!

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