DAY #44

I wanted to put up yesterday’s videos for you to see but YouTube was doing some routine maintenance so I was never able to get it downloaded to the blog.  It sure feels great being able to use the i-LIMB again.  I am amazed at how much I miss not having it on at times.  Definitely this journey has been changing my life.  Here are the videos as promised.  

Thanks to all that have checked out Haylee’s blog at Little Hand Big Heart and left comments.  Haylee is the coolest 7 year old ever!  

The next couple of days may be pretty busy for me but I will try and get some posts up if possible.  My parents are flying in for my 40th Birthday Bash!  The rest of my family comes in on Friday and so it is going to be a busy time.  It should be a great time to introduce all of my family to The Adventures of the i-LIMB family.  Stay tuned…..


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