DAY #40

Well I have some sad news!  The i-LIMB is now experiencing some problems.  Two of my fingers are broken.  Yep I sprained my i-LIMB fingers.  But no worries – I will get them replaced this next week.  It is kind of funny how they do it – they just take the broken finger off and put a new one on.  I am sure that I will have some stories come out of this experience.  Here is a shot of what the problem is with my new appendage.

While I have a little down time with the i-LIMB, I thought I would post some of the more popular videos of this adventure.  Some of these are very funny and some of them are pretty emotional.  If you are just joining The Adventures make sure to go back to the beginning and see where this journey has taken me.  Many of you are just now tuning in for the first time and you have much to catch up on.  Have fun and here are a few you should enjoy.

Here are some friends comments that have been pretty cool.

Some of the more serious videos that are popular.

And the number 1 requested video of The Adventures.  This is the second take of the video – the first one posted quit working for some reason.  Must be a youtube deal.  But this one is a remix!


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