DAY #39

I am amazed each week of the people that are coming into contact with this adventure.  The Adventures of the ilimb blog is now being seen in over 5 different countries.  Yesterday I noticed I was getting several hits from a link from someone elses blog and so I thought I would check it out.  I found that there are a few medical blogs that have posted links to my site and are discussing this journey that I am on.  Very cool!  I wanted to give a shout out to Dr. Wes who I believe is from Illinois or some place in the mid west.  Thanks for linking and commenting on the journey that I am on.  Here is a link to what he has to say about it… Dr.Wes Blog.  Thanks Dr. Wes, I appreciate it much.

A few days ago I posted me trying to put a gazebo together with the ilimb.  Well… that didn’t turn out so well….

As promised for a few weeks now – a few videos on trying to swing a club with the i-LIMB

Here is a few words about what the i-LIMB adventures are doing.  This has been a great ride and I trust that everyone is enjoying the journey.  Keep sending the emails and comments and tell your friends.



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2 responses to “DAY #39

  1. Darin-
    The pleasure is mine. Your positive message here is a great idea all the way around.
    All the best-
    Wes Fisher, MD
    Dr. Wes
    from “somewhere in the midwest:” Chicago.

  2. I love how you ended up taking the glove off. Each time I watch your video. I think there that is why Haylee does it that way.

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