DAY #37

I get tickled when I go out in public and see peoples reaction to my new appendage.  If you thought people stared at me with just one arm, you ought to see them when I have a short sleeve shirt on.  It is so funny.  I saw this guy thinking that he was hiding behind a curtain like thing peek around it to get a good look at me.  I wanted to run up to him and put the i-LIMB in his face and say, “Can you see it now?”  LOL  But I am such a nice guy that I didn’t.

A few of the past videos that I have put up are not working on youtube for whatever reason and some have asked what the deal is.  I haven’t taken any of them down so I have no idea.  It must be a youtube deal but anyway I thought I would post some of the more popular ones up again for all to take a look at in case you missed one.

Here is my favorite and by far the most popular…

This has been a pretty popular one because it shows how I put the i-LIMB on.

Here is the video explaining how I got to the place of getting the i-LIMB…..

Enjoy the recap and we will back tomorrow with more adventures!!



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2 responses to “DAY #37

  1. Hayee and I listened to your story today. What an amazing story and what a wonderful way to show that God is always at work.

  2. Wow!!! And congratulations.

    Insurance here has already evaluated this, and if I’d want the iLimb it’d be 60’000 CHF I’d have to shell out on my own. Reason for the insurance guys’ view is that the current prosthesis is extremely functional and affordable at the same time – hard to beat that.

    And if I pay 60K myself, I want some mechanical and software proficiency that tops my AMD Opteron Linux workstation and my Bosch drillhammer at the same time.

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