DAY #34

Yesterday after the interview that Danielle filmed at our house, I took my family out for a Japanese Steak House experience.  It was one of those places that the chef flips the knife in the air and makes a volcano out of onions and has really corny jokes.  My kids love when we go to a Japanese Steak House.  Now before I go any further, I must warn you that I have never really liked sushi.  But something has happened to me as I near 40.  I have started eating sushi and I actually like it -well some of it.  I must give a shout out to David McGovern and John Boone who have started me on this journey.  While we were there I thought I would film some sushi eating-ilimb adventuring shots.  I even got Carson on film trying some sushi – it was hilarious.

Here is Carson trying it out 😉

Today we had the privilege of having Robby Emery @ The Point.  He did a great job and we enjoyed having him – here he is talking about the i-LIMB.



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2 responses to “DAY #34

  1. OH My. I love Carson’s face when he tried sushi. That was priceless.

  2. Mom & Dad

    Meeting Tricia and Haylee was quite a thrill. It brought back so many memories. You were always a go getter like them. Life has always been exciting for you and you forever look for new experiences and challenges. We have loved being your Mom and Dad and walking with you on your life’s journey! You are so special son! Enjoy a few more days of being in your 30’s But I know you will enjoy life in the forty’s. You have only just begun!
    Lots of love!

    Love Mom

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