DAY #32 & DAY #33

The last two days have been crazy but exciting.  So many different people now commenting on this journey through email and letters – it has been overwhelming.  Today I have a college student who works for the E channel coming to the house to do a documentary on this journey.  She is using it for a project she has to do in her college class and wanting to pitch it to the higher ups at E.  Today should be exciting.  Hopefully we can get an interview with her for the blog and post it on Day #33.

Here are a few takes from yesterday.  I had to go through a metal detector at a court house – it was cool!  Wish I could of filmed it but I talk about it.

Getting to use the i-LIMB to hold cards and play some games – too cool!!

More to come later today…..

Here is the beginning of the interview with Danielle about the i-LIMB.  Thanks Danielle, we enjoyed having you in our home and creating the documentary.  You did great!!

Another two quick shots of the interview…


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