DAY #31

Today SPRING is in the air and with SPRING comes honey-do’s!!!  Today I spent the day doing things around the house, fixing sprinklers, making a trip to the dump, you know that SPRING stuff!  As with any day of yard work or doing stuff around your house, you have to make a run to Home Depot.  Home Depot is like a guys mall on steroids.  You got to absolutely just love Home Depot.  Every aisle is packed with MAN STUFF!  It even smells manly in those places.  Kind of like a mixture between gasoline and fresh cut grass.  Love it.

Any ways – I was pushing the cart at Home Depot with the i-LIMB and thought it was so cool that I took a picture of it.  Check it out!



Carson and I had to take a trip to the dump.  It was tons of fun.  My mouth is full of sunflower seeds when Carson started filming.  

I love scaring our dog.  This is a shot of our home and me scaring our dog.

A couple more!


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One response to “DAY #31

  1. Haylee and I watched a couple of the video’s. Haylee’s eyes got huge when she heard you say it about ripped your arm off.

    But, Haylee loved the last one where you said, “I’m Bionic” She is still laughing.

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