DAY #28

We are in full swing on Day #28 here at The Adventures of the i-LIMB.  Yesterday I received some awesome interaction with the i-LIMB.  The people that are opening up wanting to talk about this new appendage in my life is amazing.  I am blown away each day at the people in my city that I am coming into contact with.  I am also amazed at how quickly I am adapting in the use of the i-LIMB.  Many things are becoming much easier as I use it each day.  Opening doors is a cinch now as well as picking things up with it.  

After church yesterday we went to Chili’s and talked to our favorite waiter there.  Kyle is a cool guy and here is what he had to say about the i-LIMB.

I went to my 2nd office Sunday evening to do some writing on my book and interviewed Chrissy.  Chrissy was on one of my earlier posts shown being frightened by the i-LIMB.  Here is her take now.

While I was working in the coffee shop a group of teenagers came in on a video scavenger hunt.  They were able to film the i-LIMB.  Check it out!

Tasha, who took the picture early in this journey of me spilling my drink at Starbucks, also came in last night.  Here is that take….


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