DAY #26

Each day gets better with the i-LIMB.  Not only in the ease of use with it but in the response I get from people.  The impact that this is having is beyond anything that I could ever imagine.  I am so thankful for this journey that God has me on.  Here is a picture taken at a youth retreat a while back.  Two THUMBS UP!!

two thumbs up

I had to take care of my taxes this week and here is the first response from one of the secretaries at the tax office that prepares our taxes.

Sometimes the reaction is not quite like Bonnie’s!!  LOL  Thanks Serena for letting me have a little fun – Like I said – You are going to be famous!!

The i-LIMB also fixes cars!!

I received this note from a friend I grew up with that now teaches in an elementary school in Salinas.  This really touched me and showed me the impact this journey is having.

Hey Darin,

It’s Tammy from Salinas. Just wanted to let you know that I showed my fourth grade class the photos from your ilimb adventures. I had thought that they’d be interested in my friend’s bionic arm. Wow! Talk about an understatement! The room was full of shouts of “Whoa!” and “Cool!” All the kids (especially the boys) were enthralled.

I shared some stories of my memories of all of us playing as kids– climbing all over that crazy, lop-sided  merry-go-round at the Schiveleys’– and how you never let having one arm slow you down. One boy, Bobby, was especially impressed. He asked if he could try going through the day with one arm. I told him it was fine and he tucked his arm inside his shirt.

I sort of forgot that he was doing that until I went out for yard duty and I heard a yell from the playground structure. There was Bobby at the top, arm still tucked inside his shirt. Later, I saw him cruising around the playground with 3 of my other “cool and tough” boys. Sure enough, each of them had an arm tucked inside their shirts. Bobby stuck with his experiment for the rest of the day– even through the lunch line.

Just for the record, Bobby is one of my many “at risk” kids. His parents were both addicts in Southern CA when he and his twin sister were born. His dad died 4 years ago and mom has been trying to get their lives together. He’s a bright little guy with a lot of potential, so him finding a hero is a great thing. Today, you were that hero.

Bobby is going to write about his adventures today and he and the rest of the class have TONS of questions about the ilimb. I’ll be passing those along to you for you to tackle in your SPARE time (Ha!). Their favorite ilimb pic is the one of you driving and the one where you’re choking Carson. I couldn’t get the videos to download in the classroom– I think it’s because youtube is blocked by the school site. Going to try to have my tech committee (lol…my husband, David) tackle that this weekend so that the kids can watch those.

Anyway, just thought I’d let you know that you and the ilimb are making a difference in the lives of some kids back in Salinas. And it sure made me look like the very cool teacher– having a friend with a bionic arm! Take care and God bless!

(I changed the name of the student)


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One response to “DAY #26

  1. Matt

    Bro. Sargent,
    I have watched you preach without any limitation and make jokes about your arm my whole life. I remember sitting on a pew marveling at how you held the mic with your off hand when I was just a little boy, and laughing with you at Youth Convention many years later. I just want to say that it is so awesome that you’ve gotten the bionics. It’s truly a blessing from the Lord.

    Just remember, no matter what someone is bragging about, you can always say “Oh yeah!? Well I’m the first robotic preacher!”

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