DAY #19

This morning I am taking a break from wearing the i-LIMB.  I have been pushing it a little too much and my arm is very tired today.  I will put it on later today when I go out to do some errands and maybe even take along the camera to get peoples response to this new adventure.  

Several of you have asked how the i-LIMB charges, do I have to change out a 9volt battery, does the battery come out and charge on a charger, is it nuclear – you know questions like that.  Well I am sorry to disappoint those who were hoping it had nuclear power but it is run by a lithium ion battery that is charged each night.  I simply just plug in the charger to what looks like a headphone jack.  Here is a shot of what it looks like.

The i-LIMB charging socket

Here is another shot at the charger plugged in to the i-LIMB

Charging i-LIMB

My wife comes home today so there will not be any more Bionic Chef updates!!  LOL  thanks for all the comments that have been made about this great journey I have been on.  The i-LIMB is truly amazing and it is changing so much about my life.  Several of you have asked about my golf game.  I will not wear it playing golf.  It is not flexible enough for that.  The doctor told me that for things such as sports and activities that I am used to doing “single-handedly” I probably will not use it.  So for all of you that thought you could get a “hand-up” on me on the golf course – you have another thing coming!!  

More to come throughout the day….

I thought I would try my hand (no pun intended – ok yes it was) at basketball.  If I get this down I am pretty sure I will be able to rule the world!!


oh i almost forgot – I found me a horse – this is stumpy!!



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