DAY #18

Day #18 is upon us!  I have now had the i-LIMB for a total of 2 weeks and 4 days.  For the past 2 weeks and 4 days my life has experienced immense change.  Everyday I am experiencing new and wonderful things that I am able to do with my new hand.  This morning I grabbed the cereal box and was able to pour cereal into the bowl.  I was then able to hold the bowl and pour milk into the bowl.  I know this sounds trite and insignificant to many but this is huge for me.  Each day I find myself becoming more and more reliant on the i-LIMB.  It is becoming like a second hand to me – LOL!  In fact I picked it up at the second hand store – HA HA – I know I am corny!  Here is a picture –

Pouring cereal into the bowl

Pouring cereal into a bowl



The Bionic Chef Is BACK!!!  Here is the Bionic Chef Meets The Hut!!!!  If you listen real close at the end you can hear Carson say “Can I get a shot of my nose hairs?” Classic Carson!!

Coffee and The Bionic Chef



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3 responses to “DAY #18

  1. Judy Hogan

    Wait a minute! I thought you like Captain Krunch Peanut Butter. LOL

  2. I bet Duana loves having her house on camera every day!! Making sure it is squeaky clean!!! Course, she probably has it squeaky clean all the time!!

  3. haha!!! that is too cool. bravo bro sargent!

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