Day #16

We arrived home late last night from our time up in the Central Valley then over to Sacramento.  There is nothing like being able to be home, sleep in your own bed and get to see the family.  Yesterday  before we left we had the opportunity to interview BJ Wilmoth from Redlands, CA.  This is hilarious – BJ Wilmoth has always been one of my heroes and here he is being the one and only BJ Wilmoth.

Here is Myles Young again this time trying to be serious – 

Today Youth Pastor Extraordinaire and I met for lunch to go over some important stuff.  We had some fun taking some footage with the i-LIMB cam

I was sent some more pictures from the Youth Retreat I just spoke at.  These are great!

The i-LIMB Brain Removal

The i-LIMB Brain Removal


The Sermonator defeating the competition.  Adam Wiley gets his hand crushed!

The Sermonator crushing the opponents hand!  Adam Wiley will never be the same!

Over the last few days I have not posted any information on things that I am finding easier to do.  I am getting more and more used to the i-LIMB and it is helping in so many ways.  Here is a list of new feats accomplished with the help of the i-LIMB:

I am pretty capable now of opening doors that have a handle.  Still trying to grab a door knob and it is proving a little difficult.

I pushed the button on a parking meter and was able to grab the parking ticket stub with the i-LIMB.  Pretty cool!

Driving is getting a little easier.  I have to be careful and not use it much on difficult turns.  It doesnt slide across the steering wheel at all.  

I was in Sacramento Monday and Tuesday and the Governator wants me to help balance the budget bionically!

People are going crazy over the i-LIMB.  Having more fun than a one armed guy is allowed to have!

More to come….


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