DAY #14

Today starts close to two weeks with the i-LIMB.  We had a great time over the weekend at the Central Valley Youth Retreat.  To all the youth that were up there – YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!  Throughout the next couple of days stay tuned for video interviews taken while we were at the camp.

Last night late we left the Visalia area and headed up to Sacramento to be with my parents and family for a couple of days.  They have not had the chance to see the new bionic man so I wanted to let them in on this new adventure.  Stay tuned today as we post videos of my family and their first take on THE BIONIC MAN!!

Here are a few videos taken up at the camp that will tide you over till we get today’s content up.



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  1. We just want to say that the I-Limb is incredible. It was amazing encountering it. You did an incredible job preaching this weekend at camp. It definitely changed our young peoples lives. We love you, your family, and your new I-limb.

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