DAY #12

Yesterday Carson and I traveled up north to begin speaking at a youth camp outside of Springville, CA.  On the way we stopped and had lunch with good friends, the Mike Flowers family.  This was a great time and we had a blast doing some video in Chili’s.  Here you go – 


Some closing comments from the Flowers family….

This girl was a trip – funny video

more camp interviews with some good friends – 

Here is the director of the camp and good friend Steve Barker and his take on the adventures of the i-LIMB



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5 responses to “DAY #12

  1. Cara Flowers

    HAHAHAHA!!!!!!! Maybe you should get an ileg too, just in case you put ur foot in ur mouth you’ll have a spare lol just a thought.

  2. Cara Flowers

    Oh oh oh….. almost forgot… Plz pray for erica ( the blonde) its been over 24 hours and she STILL can’t find the ilimb in the app store lol =))) ~637 C@R@

  3. Cara – LOL You guys are great!!

  4. Well, I join the Flowers girl – you need to “bling it out” or as some would say, “Pimp your iLimb.” Duana has all that stuff she uses to bling things so she could coordinate the bling with your outfits. LOL In case anyone thinks I’m serious, J/K. When Bro. Flowers got up next to that stick of a tree, I totally laughed out loud! You guys were having too much fun!

  5. This is great! I loved Steve’s response “Everyone that needs one!” Ha!

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