DAY #11




Today the i-LIMB, Carson and I go up north a ways to speak at a youth retreat in the Central Valley.  Looking forward to this over the next 2 days and I am sure I am going to have tons of great footage.  The i-LIMB is going to be out and about the next few days and I am confident something good will come from it.  Stay tuned!

If you did not get the opportunity to see yesterdays post, check it out.  I was able to interview the doctor and staff that made this all possible for me.  Also in yesterdays post I told the unfolding story of how all of this came about.  Check it out!  It is unreal how this has all come together.

Yesterday in the office, the doctor took my hand off!  We were trying some different gloves and he needed to take it off in order to get the glove on good.  I put this up on facebook yesterday and I thought I would show you what it looked like.


The Missing i-LIMB

The Missing i-LIMB



Here is what the end of the i-LIMB looks like without the hand.  



Some things I have learned the last couple of days:

I was able to pull into a parking lot and push the button on the machine that spits out the parking ticket and then I was able to grab the parking ticket from the machine.  This is too cool!  I have always had to lean out of the car and do everything with my right hand (duh!!).

I can wave at people and still drive the car!  This is proving to be fun.  I am waving at people I do not even know and it is freaking some of them out.  

More to come on this day as the THE i-LIMB GOES ON A TRIP!!


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