DAY #10

Today is going to be an interesting day. Today I have my first doctors appointment with the i-LIMB since I got it last week.  My plan is to interview my doctor and then tell the story of how all of this came about.  Several of you have asked how I got on this journey and today I am going to share that with you.  So keep checking back.  

Yesterday I took a picture of me holding the newspaper and reading it.  I am amazed how really neat this is.  I have always had to lay the newspaper on a table or something that would hold it up so I can view it.  Now I am able to hold the paper and flip through the pages sitting back on my chair or wherever I may be.  Check out this picture –


I am discovering that this is useful in holding books etc…  I am so jazzed.  

Hey check me out on facebook if you want to continue receiving updates about this i-LIMB adventure or subscribe to this blog to be continually notified when I add posts to it.  Stay tuned for later today – interview with doctor!  Should be cool.

This morning I had to take my truck in for maintenance at the dealership.  I thought they were going to take me back there with them to work on my arm.  This thing attracts all sorts of people and it is amazing the people that I am meeting because of this.  More about that later.  Enjoy.

Alright the moment many of you have been waiting for.  I am writing this at 6:37 pm on Thursday February 26, 2009.  I spent some time at the doctors office today and was able to get an interview with him.  Here it is –


Here is another individual in the prosthetics office that was way cool and helped in this entire process –

Jennifer and Dr. John – I can not say it enough how thankful I am for what you have done for me.  This advancement has revolutionized my life.  I owe you so much.  Thanks.

Here is the story.  Instead of writing it all down I thought it would be better to tell it to you in person live from my home office – did that sound professional or what? – Anyways, enjoy and if you have any questions send them on.  Keep checking in for more of the journey!!  



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6 responses to “DAY #10

  1. What an amazing journey and supernaturally scripted story of God’s provision. Pastor, you deserve this!!! Love ya man.

  2. Joni Ayn Clark

    Hello Sargents,
    Casey and I happened upon your blog a few days or so ago and have been following daily ever since. I cannot tell you how happy we are for you and your family. You are very special to us and we are thoroughly enjoying you taking us along for the journey. You are such an inspiration! We love you and your family.

    Take Care

  3. Another post that caused me to grab the Kleenex. I am so happy for you. Thanks, Darin, for sharing this journey with the world-wide web. What an inspiration you are!

  4. Nancy Oliver

    Incredible! thanks for sharing the story, it reinforced to me once again that God does know our needs, wants and desires and He will provide!

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