DAY #9

Well I think that it can now be ruled official – I HAVE TWO HANDS!  Well sort of…  Every day it gets a little bit better in the use of the i-LIMB, a little more natural and a little more comfortable.  I am probably having too much fun with this thing.  But what a ride these 9 days have been.  From the first time I opened a door to the moment I put toothpaste on my toothbrush held by the i-LIMB, I have been anxious for the next challenge.  It is like learning to walk all over and there are times that it can get a little frustrating because it is so unnatural to me.

I am including a video that shows me putting the i-limb on.  Many of you have asked if I could show this again in a little more detail so here it is.

Tom Foster from Dallas Texas was in town the last couple of days and we were able to spend some time together.  I thought it would be good to hear his take on spending a couple of days with the BIONIC MAN!!  LOL

Here are a few more interviews that have been taken over the last week.  Enjoy and I will post more later – I am wearing it to church tonight so there should be some good stories come out of this!!



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3 responses to “DAY #9

  1. I bet your first 100 days will be better and more interesting than Obama’s.

  2. hayden

    wow…dad is so corny…wow…next time just give him a little love tap with the iLimb!

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