Day #4

Life is full of challenges.  I believe it is how we face them, handle them and think about them that makes the difference.  I have a quote that I heard from somewhere when I was a teenager and I have used it all my life.  It is simply this – “Attitude determines direction and direction is more important that speed.”  Simply put, it really doesn’t matter how fast you may go in life, if your attitude has you pointed in the right direction you will eventually get to your destination!  

This whole process for me has been quite a challenge.  For 39 years (and yes that is how old I am) I dealt with what I was given and for the most part have overcome it.  It has been a little tough to shuffle cards but hey, you try it single handedly and tell me how you do LOL.  As most of you know it was obvious when I couldn’t do something because I would ask for help.  Now I am in trouble!!  I don’t have anymore excuses HA HA.  Thank God we are passed the baby stage in our lives – can you imagine what my wife would say to me – “you can change this one – you have the bionic dirty diaper changer upper!!”  Whew!  That would not have been good.

But a new challenge is here and as I told someone the other day, it is almost as if I am having to learn to walk all over again.  The physical part of it is taking time to get use to but the emotional part is a whole different story.  There are moments that it hits me that I now have a HAND!  Sometimes when I have it on I catch my self still doing everything with my left elbow and then I realize that I should be grabbing it with my new appendage.  Totally freaks me out a little.

In the videos below I know I look a bit tired and it is because I am the father of a pre-teen and he was very late getting back from a youth function they had last night.  Here is a picture of what I did to Carson when he came home.  This is working really well.

The bionic choke


Thanks for your support!!


Some questions answered.

Final video!


Things learned in Day #4

I opened the door leading out to my garage.  Really cool when I have a bag of trash in the other hand and now dont have to set the trash down to open the door!

I opened a bag of popcorn without burning myself.  I will video this one – you got to see it

Choking Carson was fun.  Dont worry he is still with us!

Little children (like below the age of 2) are freaked out by it as are some adults!  LOL  Video coming soon of me frightening small children!  

The doors that this is opening in my life – UNREAL!!  More on that later

Everyone wants to hear the story of how all this came about – you will have to wait till next week. I am doing a sit down interview with the doctor of the i-LIMB.

I closed the door to my car when I got in. (not that I drove around with it open but… oh never mind you know what I am talking about)

I am starting to move a finger at a time now.

Muscles are not quite as sore.

I’m Out!



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4 responses to “Day #4

  1. Judy Hogan

    Wow. What a handsome boy!! Talking about Carson. LOL Thought of you today as Cecil was nailing a board, if he slipped and missed -OUCH, but if you slip and miss – u know. LOL I know we are going to have lots of fun with the bionic arm. I bragged on you before, now I brag even more. Always giving God the glory for the blessings He keeps giving us. Love you. Have fun at Bible Quizzing. I know u will.

  2. Cindi S

    Wow! I recall you maneuvering the red vw bug — stick shift and all — without any trouble . . .so if you don’t have a manual vehicle, I recommend getting one soon just for FUN at this point — you know, put the i-LIMB to the test.

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