Day #2

Whew!! My arm is tired! You all didnt tell me that it takes all this to have another hand – lol. This has been an amazing couple of days in my life. Yesterday began Day #2 with the i-LIMB and it was a day to remember. The doctor told me that I needed to wear it around an hour in the morning and an hour or so in the evening. I have always been someone that pushes the envelope a little and I think I went overboard. My arm is very sore today and it is a direct result of wearing it too much on this Day #2. All the muscles that I am using to control it are muscles that I havent used in … forever basically! So each time I open or close the hand I am working those muscles and it hurts!!

I used the i-LIMB yesterday for the first time to put my socks on my feet. It was soooo cool. I have always been able to put my socks on but it required a special “one handed grab a toe and slip it over pinching it with my pinky toe” type of maneuver and now I am able to do it so much easier with this bionic appendage.

I wore it out in public yesterday and the thing that is really freaking me out is that people are not staring at me as much! I know this sounds crazy but all my life I have had people trying to find what I had up my sleeve and we all know I havent had anything up there. Every where that I have gone in life it has been kind of like a circus – hey check out the one armed guy! LOL Now it is normal. It really looks real and the way that they have measured it and designed it to fit me looks so natural. It is going to take some getting used to but I am enjoying this challenge.

Last night I told the story of how all of this came around to the church that I have been privileged to pastor. I came home and wept thanking God for such incredible people that are as excited as I am about this new journey I am on. You guys are awesome! Give me a few days and I will let everyone in on the story about how all this came about.

I have had many people ask how the thing works or how do you put it on so I have included a video in this blog that demonstrates this marvel of modern technology. I have broken it up in 3 different videos. Check them out and let me know what you think. Make sure to subscribe to my blog for updates. Thanks for everyones support. This thing ROCKS!!

Here is another portion of the video.

Last video of the day.

Things I learned on Day #2

I probably should not drive with it. I just about took out an old lady crossing the crosswalk with her dog.

I punched Carson in the head with it – it was cool – he laughed!

I was able to put my socks on – pretty cool

I think that I am going to take guitar lessons – watch out Eddie Van Halen – HA HA (WHO?)

California’s Governor called – we call him the governator – he wants his bionicness (thats me) to help balance the state budget

My church has been incredibly supportive – I love you all @ The Point. Thanks for letting me see a dream come true in my life.

To all my friends – YOU HAVE BEEN AMAZING.

I will have tons of new jokes before this journey ends

Chuck Norris is really scared of me!



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17 responses to “Day #2

  1. Cynthia

    Chuck Norris fears no one.

  2. sooooo very cool! and extremely interesting. thank you for taking the time to do the video…answered alot of questions…raised some more, which i’m sure you’ll get to eventually!!

    i bet duana loves the two armed hug…nothin’ like it!! safest place in the world…in my opinion!

  3. Judy Hogan

    Amazing. I was thinking back to a time in my life when I fell and tore my rotor cuff. Couldn’t use my right arm for almost 2 months. That was hard. No putting my hair up by myself – had to pay to get that done. Being right handed I was very limited. The things we take for granted you have born well. You just made being one-armed easy.
    Love ya and keep the blogs coming. I am enjoying this journey with you. Give the kids a hug from Meemee.

  4. Frank Zenobia III

    Just got done watching the adventures of the $6 Million Dollar Preacher. I’m transfixed! More video! (Though maybe less coffee for awhile.) I’m so happy that you’ve been given this opportunity and are sharing it with your friends.

  5. Ronnie, Debbie,Darla & Derrick Snider

    Congratulations, Darin! That is soooo awesome and exciting. We are happy for you. Good Luck with it. Take care!

  6. Ronnie, Debbie,Darla & Derrick Snider

    Congratulations, Darin! That is so exciting. We are very happy for you! Take care!

  7. PJ Pamer

    that is the most captivating video i have see in forever! i am so pumped for you bro… the 2 thumbs up at the end was emotional. wow. pls send more!

  8. We are so thrilled for you Bro Sargent. Bro Hopper and I definitely plan to follow your adventures. God Bless you and your family.


    Just read your story and watched the videos. This is totally amazing!!! We are very happy for you, Duana and the Kids. I’m sure everyday will have new and unbelievable adventures in store for you to experience and share with your family and friends. I guess you can teach old dogs new tricks!!
    Good Luck, We love ya’ll and hope to see you soon.

  10. Luke Levine

    Awesome videos Darrin! So happy for you! Thanks for taking us on the journey with you.
    Keep posting!! Captivating is the word!

  11. Hope you don’t mind, I posted an ad for you on my blog. I am so excited for you!

  12. Very nice… you can share a bottle of Evian with me….with the bottle in your other hand for a change! Love you guys.

  13. Scott Graham

    Brother S,

    WOW!!! This is SO cool, and I’m thrilled that you’ve been given this opportunity! Keep the updates coming. I can’t wait to see you in May and shake your “hands!”

  14. Nancy Oliver

    Jeff and I are So excited for you , Its awesome!

  15. Cherie Wilkins

    Darin!!! This is so exciting! I know if anyone can HANDle this it is you! My kids are gonna be jazzed to see you use this and of course give us hilarious stories of how this is affecting your life!! Im glad you are doing this blog for all of us to share in this joy with you!

  16. Steven Saiz

    I love the updates! Keep them coming! Cheering you on from Torrance! Love you, Man!


    For years you have amazed us by how well you have done EVERYTHING with one arm (golf, baseball, etc…)…and most of the time doing them BETTER than everyone else!!!! …Now, I really believe you will be able to take over the world. I am so excited and happy for you!

    God Bless the Sargeants!!!!

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