The Journey Begins

Life has drastically changed for me in the last few days.  I am the proud recipient of the i-limb, the ferrari if you will, of prosthetics (those are my doctors words not mine).  The journey in getting to this place has been nothing short of miraculous.  I am 39 and will be 40 in just a few months and I have never had anything excite and challenge me at the same time as much as this has.  I was born missing my left arm from just below the elbow down and have pretty much been able to accomplish what I have wanted to in my life.  This journey is a whole new ball game.  From the emotions of taking this step to the challenges of using the i-limb, this is going to be quite a ride.

I thought that I would use this blog to chronicle my journey.  Many of you have responded to this major event in our lives through several of the social networking sites that I am on and through email.  Thanks so much for your support, your humor and your excitement that you share with us as we begin a totally new walk.

I also wanted this site to be a place where others who may be looking into this great technology, can find some information and inspiration.  So each day will be chronicled as best as I can with what I am facing now living life 2 handed (sort of).

Enjoy and feel free to leave comments, suggestions, questions or funny stories.

Darin “Sarge” Sargent



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13 responses to “The Journey Begins

  1. Pastor Sam

    Very exciting news, thanks for taking the time to chronicle the journey. So by tomorrow I assume you’ll be typing with it? I can’t imagine how sore you must be.

  2. I feel funny asking, but how does it work? Can you control the fingers? Is it connected to your nerves? I know Kevin Warwick was working on cybernetics that can be directly controlled by the brain:

    I hope that isn’t rude to be asking those things, it is just really interesting to see where things have come with that.

    I think its awesome that you are so open to sharing about this.

    • Darin Sargent

      Thanks for your interest and your questions. In the socket which goes over my arm there are two sensors that sit on the muscles on each side of my arm. As I move those muscles it opens and closes the hand. The doctor has told me that with time I can move the thumb by itself and then the fingers but not so much individually. I will be posting a video shortly of what it takes to put it on and the way it works. Keep checking in and thanks for asking some great questions. Take care.

  3. Donna Osborn

    Thanks for sharing. Truly, just the other night my son Zach told me about a boy at school with one arm. He said, “Mom he’s always so happy”. It opened the conversation to tell my children about you. I will never forget the first day we met at CLC. You came over to a table where quite a few of us were sitting and you said, “hey, if anyone finds my arm I think I lost it at the salad bar.” What an introduction. I’m sure the challenges have been great through the years, but your attitude has left an impact on many lives. I just shared your blog with our kids and they are excited to follow it. Thanks for sharing!
    Scott and Donna and “the gang”

    • Donna and Scott and the gang,

      Thanks so much for your words. This has been an awesome journey and I am glad that modern technology enhances the ability to share it. Appreciate you and Scotts friendship over the years. You guys are great!

  4. Shiree Farmer

    Will you still draw faces on your arm and put on the hat? This sounds incredible. What an experience. It will be exciting to see updates as you learn more.

  5. Janell Coskun

    Wow! This is so fascinating and exciting!!! The possibilities are endless! I really enjoyed checking out the videos about the iLimb. It’s mind-boggling and SO great! 🙂

  6. Michael Flowers

    Hey Bro! We are so happy for you! It was hard to keep up with you before, but now it will be impossible. We will pray desperately for Duana as she tries to keep one step ahead of her bionic husband.
    Seriously, we love you and appreciate the journey God is taking you on right now.

  7. Shanna

    This is so great to hear.I am so happy for you.Do you remember when you taught me to drive your car (stick shift)?I don’t think I have driven a stick shift since that time.I don’t know if I could still do it.LOL . It was amazing what you could do with one hand.You can hit a homerun every time now.This is so cool.
    Your friend,

  8. God truly is an Awesome God! He has shaped you into more than a whole person even though most would say you were incomplete. You must have passed the test for now He is giving you the oppurtunity to be like the majority because you acted like we were the wierd ones having two hands and never thinking that you were limited or second hand to anyone. We are praying God continues to bless…see you soon at Idaho YC.

  9. Doug Hammonds

    Hey Bro, this is fantastic! Congratualations!!!! Maybe I can beat you at golf with 2 hands!

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