Day #1

The first day with the i-LIMB was quite an experience.  The miracle of how this entire journey came about is just that – a miracle.  I will eventually write a post that just tells the story of how I have arrived at the place of my new appendage.  My doctors appointment was scheduled for 2 pm on Tuesday February 17, 2009 and with my being super excited as I was, I arrived much earlier.  When the door to the waiting room finally opened and my name was called, I took a deep breath and walked through that door knowing that my life was getting ready to drastically change.  Everything that I have known up to this point about living life single handedly was getting ready to face brand new challenges.

As the doctor finally arrived in the room and pulled out the i-Limb, a wave of emotion rolled over me.  I stopped and took a picture of the arm on the table, wanting to encapsulate this moment in my mind forever.  Before I would wear it, pinch with it and punch people in the face (just kidding) I wanted there to be a snapshot of the before!  Here is that picture: img_0674

As the fitting progressed and I was finally wearing this prosthesis it dawned on me – I can now officially clap!!  I know it is funny but wow!  What a concept.

When I left the office and headed home to see my family, who were anxiously awaiting to see their new limbed father and husband, I tried my hand at driving with it and it worked.  Here is a shot at that:img_0677

It was such a trip.  The lessons learned in this first day are many and I am sure that with each day I will grow more and more accustomed to use of this.  For the first time in my life I held a plate with my left hand and was able to dish food onto it as I went through a buffet line.  I know that  may not mean much to many of you but for me it was huge.  No longer will I have to have my wife hold my plate while I go for seconds on the mash potatoes!  Watch out “all you can eat” buffets – the bionic man is on the loose!

Lessons learned this first day:

drove with it

held papers with it

held a plate and dished food

pinched my wife

grabbed an apple

grabbed a baseball

beat up chuck norris!  lol

found out I am faster than Steve Austin the six million dollar man!

I also discovered that the muscles in my arm to control this have never been used like this before – they are hurting and I need tylenol.

More to come on The Adventures of the i-LIMB!!



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11 responses to “Day #1

  1. This is so cool. So is this a permanent prosthetic? I mean, do you take it off and put it on? I would assume not, since your nerves are helping function the prosthetic. It’s amazing! Funny about the Tylenol… I never thought about the fact of all the un-used muscle. Scared of you.

    Love ya. Thanks for chronicling everything.

    • Darin Sargent

      it is completely controlled by the movement of my muscles. I can take it off and live life as I always have if I want. there was no surgery involved at all so it is the best of both worlds. thanks for being the first to comment.

  2. Judy Hogan

    You know Darin, I remember the time we were mowing the grass right before the wedding and I thought “If you would use both hands, we’d get this job done faster.” Silly me you only had one but I kept forgetting because you did everything. Words cannot explain the joy I feel for you and can’t wait to see you. Just be careful, I will not tolerate any pinching. LOL

  3. Daron and Joy

    We cannot tell you how excited we are for you. This is just incredible and so very thrilling. We pray it is everything you hoped for and more. With as much as you were able to accomplish with one arm, we’re a bit afraid of what all you might accomplish with two! 🙂 No one is more deserving. We are just ecstatic for you! Love you all much.

    Daron and Joy Hudspeth

  4. Pastor-

    Simply being witness to the joy, bewilderment, amazement and adventure that this technological miracle has brought into your life is at once humbling and humorous.

    This may sound weird coming from your student, pupil, subordinate, employee… but I am so proud of you. I’m proud to know you. Proud to serve you. Proud to share in this adventure with you.

    You deserve this.

    As far as you got single handedly, it’s only a matter of time before you conquer the world, end hunger, cure cancer, out-drive Tiger Woods, dunk on Kobe, become president, swim across the Pacific, climb K2 & Everest in the same day…

    Love ya man.


  5. simply amazing bro. i love it! I can’t wait to shake that hand!

  6. Wow!! Congratulations! That is way cool, I’m happy for you!

  7. Steven Saiz

    So very cool! I am so excited for you! I know you will do some more incredible things now that you will have another hand in the matter. Please keep the updates coming. It’s a fascinating read! Shouldn’t be a problem keeping us posted because I’m sure you’ll be typing 60 wpm in no time! Love you man!

  8. Guy Stimers

    WOW!!! Somebody finally DID give you a hand! LOL…I’m glad you’ve not changed, really. Can’t wait to see you preach and the mic not be something to bother with. Can you type with it? Is it that sensitive? This is soooo cool.

  9. Raushel Salyards

    This is AWESOME! I am so happy and excited for you!!

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